Kate's Purple Room

Kate's new Purple Bedroom is finished!
We painted it on New Year's Eve & her new bedding that arrived this week.
Her bedroom re-do is an early birthday present from my mother in law.
Today we set up her new bedding & accessories and surprised Kate when she came home from Grandma's.
Come on in & have a look around!
But first.......Here is the BEFORE:
And, here is the AFTER:
I'm not going to lie....It was hard to paint it purple.
I am NOT a purple fan. AT ALL.
This is Kate' room and she has been asking for a purple room for the past 8 months.
For being a purple room, I do think it turned out cute & Kate LOVES it.
Oh yeah, and now Claire wants a purple room. NOT going to happen!
Claire's room is pink (my favorite color) and it will stay pink for at least 10 years :)
Close up of the bed:
We ordered her bedding {HERE}.
At first, we weren't going to get her new bedding, but her old bedding didn't match her room anymore & my mother in law offered to get her bedding as part of her birthday present.
I LOVE Kate's old bedding so much & it matches Claire's room perfectly, so when Claire moves to a big girl bed I will use Kate's old bedding.
These lamp shades were on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids for $10. Score!
Here is the new night light she got for Christmas & a close up of the new baseboards Kevin put in when we painted the room:
This afternoon when I put Claire down for a nap, I heard Kate talking in her room.
This is what I saw:
She had her toy camera out & was taking pictures of her new room. She was telling her bed to say "cheese"
I am so happy she loves her new room.

Knowing she loves it so much makes it easier for me to accept that I have a purple room in my house :)


  1. i am totally with you on the purple - not my fave color BUT it does look adorable and you picked a great shade. AND bc she is soo happy, she makes your heart even pinker :) both girls' rooms are adorable!! nice work!

  2. p.s. can't wait to see what you do for her birthday party....!!!

  3. Love it! Purple isn't my fav either but this turned out super cute!!

  4. Adorable! I know you can't stand purple, but the look of love on her face for her new room makes it all worth it, I'm sure!

  5. I think the purple makes the room so much brighter and cheery! I definitely think it looks better after than before...glad she likes it!

  6. I think it came out adorable and it's priceless that she was taking a picture of the bed. love it!

  7. So we're opposites, 'cause I love the purple! My sister's favorite color was purple when we were little, so mine was too :) Good luck on not painting Claire's room purple-the second children are the pistols ;)

  8. Oh it looks so great and there's something about seeing your kids happy that makes you do crazynthings...even paint rooms purple!! Great job mel and Kevin!

  9. you are seriously such a good momma to give her purple even though you loathe it. :) that first photo is so great of them peaking into the room.
    p.s. i'm not a purple fan either, but i think it looks cute!!

  10. give it up Mel... Purple is where it is at. Not only my favorite color, Kate's too apparently. Her room looks fantastic and better then before. Stop telling her mommy hates it or you'll give her a complex...lol

    Zoey must be your kid... she OBSESSED like insanely obsessed with pink.

    The room again, looks fantastic.. great job.

  11. Confession: I like the purple room better...

  12. not gonna lie. totally like the before better too! purple isn't anywhere near the top of my life...BUT...this is Kate's room. and i love it. it's so girly. and purple. ;)

    good job mama. you know, it's not always about us! just wait until she's a teenager and wants to wear some horrid style!!! (You know, a style that isn't inappropriate...just plain ugly).

  13. I agree with you on purple, definitely not a color I ever hope to paint a room in my home.... but, it looks absolutely adorable! You can tell Kate absolutely LOVES it, so sweet!!!

  14. I think it turned out really cute! I love purple myself, so I have to say I like the after better. Sorry!

  15. What a good Mama you are, Mel! I'm sure the smile on Kate's face makes living with the purple a {little} more bearable! I think her room looks adorable...just perfect for her!

  16. It was cute before, but I can see why she would love the after if purple is her thing! And her taking pretend pictures - Adorable!! Would you mind emailing me and telling me where you found the white bookcase in her room? I'm looking for one for my daughter and that looks like the right size for my space. jannak97 at yahoo - Thanks :)

  17. I am completely with you I am not a purple fan but I must say it turned out adorable!! Great job!!

    Kelli @ loveoursimplelife.blogspot.com

  18. That first picture of the girls walking into the room is adorable! And seriously, how cute is Kate taking pictures of her room?! :)

    Extra mommy points for the purple room, as far as I'm concerned.

  19. I know you hate the purple, but I love it! It looks adorable, and I love how happy Kate looks. So sweet.

  20. LOVE IT!

    My girls have a blue room
    with purple curtains
    not my first choice

    but they love it
    you did good

    and she is SUPER CUTE with that camera!!!!

  21. I love it! I think it's the perfect shade of purple! The new bedding is too cute, too!

  22. love it! i am not a purple fan either, but i have one little girl who loves it as well! and i love that bedding! so, so cute! makes me want to get new bedding for the girls again!

    i might need to get the color from you, because there may be a day when i need to make the other room purple!

  23. you know, it may not be your favorite color but she will always remember how fun it was to have a purple room. i know i'll have my 'alright, purple is lovely' tales to tell and i maybe speaking too soon, but you're a great momma for doing this for kate. i will always remember that my mom would NOT let me have glamour shots taken. what a great decision on her part, but i remember! this, however, is a good memory for kate and for you too. by the way, it's a GREAT purple!!

  24. I think her room is just adorable!!!

  25. The "purple" room caught my eye and not because it is purple, but because you have soccer ball decor on the dresser in a very girly room. Check out my older daughter's room and you will see why I giggled!!! Love the room!!!!

  26. so cute that she was taking pictures of her new room! how special! :) purple's my favorite! The room update looks so fresh.

  27. so cute that she was taking pictures of her new room! how special! :) purple's my favorite! The room update looks so fresh.



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