Christmas Week

As of last Friday, I was on Christmas Break, so I had 6 days to do Christmas activities with Kate. Since Claire naps twice a day, I tried to do 2 activities a day. A craft & also something to bake. At 15 months, Claire is too young to craft or bake, so Kate got special time with me this year. Next year, Claire will be 2, so then she can join in the fun!

Kate LOVES to bake & is actually a good helper, so she helped me make everything this week.

Here is a snapshot of our Christmas week filled with baking, crafting, eating, listening to Christmas music 24-7 & spending time with friends & family!

Making our first batch of cookies to bring to our friends who were having a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party (yes, we went to another one! And, we wore different sweaters!)
Kevin won tackiest sweater (I borrowed his sweater from co-worker)
Making more cookies with Auntie El
Making a Gingerbread house:

Making a Christmas tree ornament (thanks to Meg for this idea)

Making even more cookies (chewy gingersnaps!) for the guys in Kevin's office

Making a puff ball snowman
(Claire got to "help" on this one):

Family dinner & then looking at Christmas lights

Also, if you haven't heard, as of Tuesday afternoon, we surpassed $10,000 for Project 320.
2 villages will now have wells that give them access to clean, fresh water.
Hundreds of lives changed.
It has been such an amazing project to be a part of.
I am in awe of the amazing God we have!
It takes 18 months for the wells to be built. That means in the summer of 2011, 2 villages in Africa will have clean water. I really want to go visit the villages & see the people who's lives where changed because of Project 320.
Thank you for your donations & prayers for this project!

Tomato Soup lunch with our buddies
 Making Pumpkin Bread to give to friends

Puff Ball Ornament (yet ANOTER idea from Meg)

New tradition - reading "The Best Christmas Pagent Ever" on Christmas Eve, Eve

Red Velvet Peppermint cupcakes for tonight's Christmas Eve dessert (also got this idea from Meg)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas week spending time with family & friends as you anticipate & celebrate Christ's birth!


  1. What a fun filled crafty week! Merry Christmas!

  2. well....you were BUSY!!
    were those cupcakes DELICIOUS or what?!! i was eating them like they were going out of style. i loved them...like really LOVEd them.
    i also love that puff ball snowman. totally adorable.
    merry christmas mel.

  3. That first picture of Kate is so adorable. Looks like you absolutely made the best of your time off. :) (I am copying ALL of Meg's ideas as soon as Mason is old enough to craft, hahaha.)

  4. It looks like you guys had so much fun!! I love all of those pictures!!

    {And please tell me your co-worker actually wears that reindeer sweater to school!!!!}

  5. SO MUCH FUN. I love it.



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