It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Last Saturday, we went to good old Home Depot to get our tree.

It is still a little painful for me to get our tree at Home Depot since I grew up going to the Santa Cruz mountains to cut down a fresh tree.

Kevin and I continued that tradition the first few years of our marriage, but we have been slackers since we have had kids & have done the "cop-out" and gone to Home Depot. But, I think next year we are going to start cutting down our tree because the girls will be old enough to enjoy it!

Kate was SO excited to get our tree & couldn't wait to decorate it.
It took us less than 5 minutes to pick our tree. It was the 2nd one we looked at.
Here is Kevin & Claire with the tree we picked.
While Kevin put the tree on top of our car, I tried to get the girls to pose for a picture.
They actually posed for me!

Kate inspecting the ornaments:
We hung the stockings.....
But then I took them down the next morning because Claire tried to pull the stockings down. The stocking holders are metal & could land on her head.....so the stockings will be put away until Christmas morning!
So, this is our bare mantel:
View of the family room:
The Larson Christmas Tree, 2009:
This is what is going to be under our Christmas tree this year:
Give Water for Christmas!


  1. Beautiful pictures! The last one is priceless :-)

  2. Of course the tree and decorations are pretty (we also have those stockings in a bit different variation :), and totally random comment, but where did you get the pillar holders for your candles on the mantel? Have those always been there?

  3. Beautiful!! Our tree is decorated but that's it - my Christmas boxes have been down since the day after Thanksgiving but I haven't had time to decorate - hopefully tomorrow!

    {And I love what's going under your tree!}

  4. Fun! I have been procrastinating putting ornaments on our tree... I'm hoping Mason will get used to having the tree up with just lights and will get bored with trying to inspect it. Yeah right!

  5. Yes...definitely take them to a tree farm next year...they'll be the perfect age! I just blogged about making the Home Depot to Tree Farm switch...did it last year when my boys were 2.5 and 4.5 and it's such fun.



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