Let it Snow!

For the past few years we have headed up to Tahoe for a few days between Christmas & New Years to rest & relax!
I LOVE going to Tahoe. Have I mentioned it is my Happy Place?
I had so much fun taking pictures of the girls in the snow.
And, all of the pictures in this post are SOOC (straight off the camera)
I didn't do ANY editing to them!
The girls got new snow jackets & hats for Christmas:
It is nice to get away for a few days to hang out & enjoy the beautiful Tahoe scenery.
We were there for 4 days & spent most of it in our pj's hanging out or playing in the snow!
Kate loved making snow angels.....
Eating the snow off her gloves...
Having a snowball fight with Daddy...
And making a snowman....
(the snow was so light & fluffy, so our snowman looks like "Jabba the Hut")
Kate named him "Frosty"
After playing in the snow, you need hot coco to warm up!
I LOVE snow & wish it snowed where we lived. I am glad Tahoe is less than 3 hours away so we get away for a few days & enjoy a "real" winter every once in a while.
Relaxing & playing with blocks by the fire while it snowed outside!
(it snowed about 6 inches while we were there)
Some of our good friends were also up in Tahoe at the same time as us & have a place down the street from us. And, our girls are about the same ages, so we all met up to go sledding!
Jackie & Beka:
Kate LOVED sledding. She preferred to go down the hill by herself!
All ready to go....
Holding on tight...
Getting some speed...
And, crashing at the bottom!
Part of sledding is having to hike back up the hill with your sled. Kate didn't mind that part either!
Dan, Jackie, Beka & Kira:
Kate & Beka hiking up the hill:
I would have loved to hear their conversation....
Looking serious before the ride....
Racing to the bottom!
Kate, Kira & Claire taking a sledding break:
Kira & Claire (9 months apart)
Kevin took the girls on a double sled ride:
Then, Kate wanted to pull Claire around in the the baby sled:
Kate was so proud of herself:
Claire enjoyed it also...
Kate then taught Claire how to walk in the snow
(with snow boots that were too big)
Beka was getting cold!
Sweet Kira!
We probably hiked this hill over 30 times...
Proof I was there!
Me & my favorite little girls!
They would have stayed outside in the snow all day long if we let them!
Tired & zoned out on the couch after a fun day of playing in the snow:
It was a great little trip up to Lake Tahoe.
Usually when we travel they dont sleep well, but this time, they were AWESOME & both slept through the night!
I wish we could have stayed longer, but we like to leave before the New Year's crowd invades Tahoe! Plus, my best friend & her husband are in town for New Year's so we wanted to head back to hang out with them.
Kate didn't want to leave Tahoe, either.
She cried when we packed up the car to leave & as I put her in her car seat. It was sad, but cute.
She fell asleep for an hour on the way home & when she woke up she asked if we could turn around and go back to the Tahoe House.
On the way up, it took us 2.5 hours to get there, but on the way home, as soon as we got on the freeway, it was stopped. Needless to say, it took us over 4.5 hours to get home.
But, that is okay, because it is a beautiful drive home & I was able to take these scenic snow pictures from the car since we were at a stand still for part of the drive!
I wish I were still in Tahoe and I am already planning our next trip up there!


  1. oh my gosh they are the cutest EVER!!!! Love all the pics, they are great.. happy new year!!!

  2. How fun!! I've never seen snow like that, being from the South like I am!

  3. The picture of Kate and her friend walking up the hill with the sleds is the absolute cutest! Such a fun time. I LOVE Tahoe. :)

  4. Great shots, Melissa! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun and got some good relaxing in, too. One question: how did they sleep?

  5. The pictures of Kate pulling Claire are just too sweet! Sounds like a blissful 4 days!

  6. You make snow look like so much fun. Living in CT, we get PLENTY and I really only have a use for it on Christmas morning. The rest of the winter is just COLD and snowy. Guess I take it for granted. Really, really great pics!

  7. Beautiful pictures!! I grew up in Reno so Tahoe was only 45mins or so..oh how I miss it!! :(
    I think that we must live relatively close to each other?? :) The girls are too cute!



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