Last night I got back from my whirlwind trip to So Cal for Project 320.
Friday afternoon Heather G, Heather M and I packed up my Tahoe & made the long drive to So Cal. We left an hour later than we originally planned, but it worked out great. There was basically no traffic & it took us exactly 6 hours to get to Erin's house.
Can you believe how packed my Tahoe was?
We were only gone for 48 hours, but we had lots of things to bring!
That night, Julie brought over all the donations that were sent to her. Our goal was 100 items. We lost count at 300! We couldn't believe the overwhelming support of this project.
SO many donations!!!!
We were up until 3am that night unpacking items & sorting them into prize bundles.
Instead of having 10 bundles with 10 items in each bundle, we ended up with 15 prize bundles with 20 items in each bundle! Amazing!

After a few hours of sleep on Friday night we were up Saturday morning & went to breakfast to have a mini-baby shower for Heather who is due with baby Gianna in March.
Awesome diaper cake that Erin made:
Then after a Trader Joe's stop & Coffee Bean run, it was back to work organizing the prizes, documenting who gave what prizes & taking pictures of all the prize bundles.
(oh yeah, and lots of cooking & eating!)
We took another break Saturday night to throw Julie a mini-birthday party.
It isn't a party if you don't have cupcakes!
How awesome is the banner that Heather M. made? Seriously talented!
Marta & I...the tall girls representing!
Then it was time to finish taking pictures of the bundles, write posts, make sure we knew the etsy shop or blog of each person who gave an item & then edit the pictures for the blog posts.

Here is a snapshot of all the boxes that each hold a bundle of prizes.
Needless to say, we were all up until 4 am getting everything organized.

Good thing all of us are night owls!

A few hours of sleep & then us Nor Cal girls packed it up & headed home.

It was an amazing weekend with wonderful girls.

We all totally clicked, worked so well together, and laughed the entire two days.

Good food, lots of laughs with inspiring and talented women with amazing hearts.

Thank you to Kevin who took such great care of our girls while I was gone!

Thank you Julie, Erin, Heather G, Heather M & Marta for a memorable 2 days I will forever cherish and never forget!

I am so honored to be a part of Project 320.

The giveaways started today! Each day we are raffling off 3 amazing bundles of prizes.

Donate $10 to our WELL.
For each $10 you donate you will get one entry into the bundle of your choice.
If you donate $50 you get 5 entries.
1 comment = one entry.

After you make your donation, go to the Project 320 blog.
comment under which bundle you would like to win!

We have already raised over $4,000.

p.s. If you go to my friend Wendy's blog and comment on her Clean Water post, she will donate $2 per comment toward our well! Thanks, Wendy!


  1. Love this project, love your recap, love hearing everyone's side of the story!

  2. Nice Work Mel! Awesome idea...

    I am excited to win all of the bundles... I will have a lifetime of birthday and christmas gifts for Angie.

    I have created a script which will post thousands of comments to each bundle section, so that i am virtually assured of victory...



  3. What an awesome project! Looked like a fun (and busy) weekend!

  4. it looks like SUCH A GOOD TIME!!!
    love it.

  5. It was such a great weekend!!

    And, seriously - that was the fastest six hour drive of my life! Great company and conversation made the time fly!!



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