Let's talk Parties + A Winner

One of my favorite things to do is to plan parties.
For some people, throwing parties is stressful to them, but to me, it is theraputic!
It gives me a chance to use my creativity (which I don't get to use that much teaching math. Ha!)
I always jump at the chance to throw or host a party, whether it is a birthday party for my kids, a bridal or baby shower, holiday with family or a special get together with friends.

Today I am linking up with Andrea for her Show & Tell Tuesdays
"Show us your Favorite Party You've Hosted"
Well....I can't just pick ONE favorite party....I throw/host at least 5-6 parties a year (3 birthday parties a year, our annual 4th of July party, our annual Halloween Party, plus usually a baby shower or other party!)
 Because I can't pick just 1 favorite, here are my Top 12 favorite parties that I have thrown (in no particular order!)


This party was so special. It was the LAST 1st birthday party I will have ever thrown.
When I was pregnant with Luke (and with the girls) we didn't find out if it was a boy or a girl.
I remember being 5 months pregnant and seeing nautical decorations at Target.
  Since I was due in August and it would be a summer birthday, I decided right then & there if this  baby was a boy, he would have a Nautical/Sailboat first birthday party and I BOUGHT the party supplies (there is a peak into my crazy...buying party supplies for my unborn child's 1st birthday party not even knowing if it was a boy or a girl!)

I had so much fun with that party! See the rest of the party details HERE.

This party was so much fun because since Claire's birthday was a few days after Labor Day, I had it on Labor Day weekend (our court usually has a Labor Day block party, so we just made Claire's party the block party) I invited our court, plus tons of Claire's friends & our families.
I rented 2 ponies for pony rides around the court.
I also rented hay bales for seating in our backyard.....this party was 3 years ago & the hay is finally gone! Ha! Kevin will never forgive me for all that hay :)
This might be my all time favorite party. Loved the Cowgirl Theme!
See more of Claire's Cowgirl Party HERE

 My younger sister's last name is Baker, so I told her if she ever had a baby girl, I wanted to throw her a Cookies & Milk Baby Shower...last name Baker...get it?
 Well, last year she found out that Baby #2 was a girl, so I started planning the Cookies & Milk Shower!
This shower was simple & fun. 
We had it in the afternoon & had appetizers & of course Cookies!
See more of the Cookie & Milk Baby Shower HERE
I loved this party because Kate had so many ideas & plans for this party!
 Now that she is 8, she has big opinions on her parties & I love it!
The amazing cake my mother in law made!

See more of Kate's Pizzeria Party HERE.
This party was magical. Claire had been asking for a Tangled party for a year.
I had Rapunzel come to the party, Claire's reaction brought tears to my eyes. It was awesome!
I had a yellow braid going through our entire downstairs:

The "hair" was strung throughout the downstairs:

Another awesome cake that my mother in law made:
See more of Claire's Tangled Party {HERE}

This was held at a little nail salon in town that specializes in little girls parties.
Each girl got a mani & pedi.
I did light bites since it was a mani/pedi party.

See more of Kate's Nail Salon Party HERE.

 This party was so fun because Luke was (and still is) obsessed with trains!
The baggage claim was one of my favorite parts!See the rest of Luke's Train party details HERE.

I threw a Favorite Things Party 3 years ago during December.
The invite stated to bring 3 of your favorite thing costing that costs $10 or less.
I have seen Favorite Things Parties where you bring 5 of something costing $5 or less, but because our party was small (only 6 of us) we did 3 presents.
You go home with 3 new favorite things that your friends brought!
So much fun, I need to do this party again this December. I forgot how much fun it is!
See more of my Favorite Things Party HERE.

 This party was very simple to throw!
Kevin made pancakes, the girls added their toppings & we did some crafts! 
See more of the Pancakes & Pajamas Party HERE

I threw a Pioneer Woman Potluck Party in 2012 & 2013.
It's so fun. You get a group of girlfriends and each person brings a dish from Pioneer Woman (her cookbook or her website)
 Each person brought a PW dish & I had them email me what they were bringing so there were no duplicates.
 I love PW & so do my friends, so this is a great way to try a bunch of her recipes. 
We didn't do it last summer because of busy schedules, but I want to make sure we do it again this summer since it is so FUN!
 To see more of our Pioneer Woman Potluck Parties, click HERE 

Luke was only 4 weeks old when I threw this party...I was still running on adrenaline from having a new baby. 
To see more of Claire's Candy Shoppe Party, Click HERE 

My favorite part of this party was the "ocean" that I made out of blue streamers:
 Phew! There you have it....as you can tell, I really, really, really love parties!
So, there are my Top 12 favorites :)

That doesn't even include our Annual 4th of July Parties (click HERE to see those), our annual Back to School Feast Parties (click HERE to see those) and our annual Halloween Party (click HERE to see those).

You can click HERE to see all the parties I have thrown in the past 8 years, I have a Parties Tab.

I'm already working on Luke's 3rd Birthday in August...a Construction Party.
And, Claire asked for a Tea Party for her Birthday in September.
Let the party planning begin :)

Do you like throwing parties? I know it's not for everyone.
For some people, throwing parties is stressful to them, but to me, it is therapeutic & an outlet to use my creativity. 
I know my parties can be a little over the top, but I that is my present to my kids. I don't get them a present, their party is their present.  
My favorite type of party to throw is birthday parties for my kids. 
I know once they hit 10 years old, they won't be into big birthday parties, so I am savoring these years :)
Several of my friends don't like throwing parties, so they keep it simple!
Do what's best for you & your family....To each her own!
And to those of you who host slumber parties....my hat is off to you!
I know my boundaries...can't handle a sleep over party just yet. 
I love sleep too much ;)

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Jessica J.
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  1. Ahhhh!!! So many good ideas! You are the party queen! Pinning some of these!

  2. Love reading about your parties!! I could spend a day just going through your party archives!

  3. You rocked some parties!! Well done!

  4. I can't choose a favorite!!!! So many awesome parties!!!
    Will you do a post on party planning tips? Please!!!

  5. Hi Mel! I can't even begin to comment on all the AMAZING parties you have thrown!! You are so creative and so talented! I am going to keep my eye out for your post about the Tea Party you are planning for your daughter, because that is what my oldest daughter wants for her 7th birthday this November!

    1. Thank you Justine! Claire's tea party will be in September, so it will be before your daughters bday in November!

  6. Your parties are incredible!! I can only dream of being that creative!!

  7. You are the absolute best! What about a post on party tips?

  8. I'm a new follower and have been getting caught up on some of your older posts and I'm absolutely obsessed with your kids parties! So many great ideas!! I love going all out for the kids.

  9. Oh my gosh your party posts are my absolute favorite--your creativity inspires me! Seriously you could be a professional event planner :)

    1. Thank you! I don't think I could be a professional...I just like doing it for fun :)

  10. Wow your parties are so beautiful and you think of every detail. I am party challenged so I don't think I could do this, but I love looking at your parties!

  11. Oh my goodness!! Your parties are AMAZING!! I'm totally stealing your PW pot luck exchange - I LOVE HER and make one of her recipes a week. This is such an amazing idea to make it specific to PW! And I pinned the "Favorite Things" party too.... I just might follow through with it this year, it looks like so much fun!

  12. I always love seeing your parties...you through the best parties!
    Love your pioneer parties...are you having one this summer?
    I had Julianas cowgirl party last july and used many of your wonderful ideas.

    1. I might have a pw party this summer!!! They are so fun!

  13. Wow!! Such fun ideas!! Girl, you go all out!! I love doing fun things, partly because I enjoy and to hoping that my kids will have fun and remember it as they get older. I'm all about making memories!! :) You're an awesome mama!!

  14. I have loved seeing all the party ideas you have. I may have to steal some of them. Great job

  15. I agree with the other ladies who suggested it....please do a post on party tips!!!
    - Kim

  16. LOVE your derby dress! And oh my, your parties look straight out of Pinterest!

  17. Lov mother tooth fairy idea! I'lol have to remember that in a few years :)

  18. Ok I'm hiring you to come to Ohio for my next party! You are amazing!!!!!! I can't pick a favorite! I also adore the PW and love her cookbooks and show. I actually just made her bbq chicken pizza last week, and her steak salad is to die for!!!!! You are awesome!!!!

  19. have loved seeing all the party ideas you have.Thanks for share

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