Kate's Pancakes & Pajamas Party

Kate's 6th (!!!!) Birthday Party was on Saturday.
She (we) picked the theme over 6 months ago to incorporate 2 of her favorite things...Pancakes & Pajamas!
She wanted the colors to be Purple & Green (her 2 favorite colors)  

 Here is the invite that I made:
{Available HERE in my Etsy Shop!}

I made the all the decor & had it revolve around the invites.... lots of purple, green & chevron:

{Banner made by my talented friend Heather}

The party was from 10:30 until 12:00, and all of her guests wore their favorite pajamas!
The first thing the girls did when they arrived is make a fruit loop necklace: 

Then it was time for pancakes! 
Kevin manned the griddle:

Kevin's Kate's House of Pancakes:
Lots of Pancakes for those sweet girls!

Toppings!  Syrup in a squeeze bottle is the way to go!
 I also had other food besides pancakes:

For the mom's that stayed, I made a Hashbrown Casserole
 And, Baked French Toast:
 Drinks....For the kids:

For the mom's:

And, you know one of my parties isn't complete without a desserts/sweets table!
 The banner I made:

On the table I had:

And, of course....the cake. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that my mother in law makes the cakes for my kid's birthdays. Her cakes are amazing. Here is this year's cake, made to match the pancake on the invite:

After the girls ate pancakes, I had them do their craft. I bought a bunch of plain white pillowcases so they could decorate a pillowcase. It was such a beautiful January day in California, so they played in the backyard and made their pillowcases:

We ended the party with the cake!

 For the favors, I had "pancake" cookies made at our local bakery.

I love how they turned out!
 I put them in brown lunch bags tied with ribbon & added a sticker that I made.
 It was such a fun party & super mellow. All 14 girls got along so well.
Kate has meet some really sweet girls this year. Kindergarten is such a fun age!
I can't believe Kate will be 6 this week!


  1. 14 girls?! You're crazy. SUPER fun party, you did an amazing job, as usual! Happy birthday, Kate!!! (P.S. SIX?! What the?)

  2. You did an awesome job. I love the theme & all the decorations

  3. Wow. This is wonderful. The decor, the cookies, the colors, the bottles, printables, arts & craft in pajamas. The cake is my absolute favorite! Oh my gosh. How inventive!

  4. Super Duper Cute! Love Kevin's cameo on the griddle and Jill's cake is awesome as always! Good save on the favor bags ;) My favorite picture of the whole party though, is Kate and Claire with Kate's arm around her sister...so special :)

  5. That is one of the cutest parties ever. You had so many clever ideas. What an amazing 6th bday party she had.

  6. a great party as usual! I am excited to make my first purchase at your etsy shop! My neighbor is picking out her baby shower invite right now!

  7. I absolutely adore this theme! So fun! And you seriously did a fabulous job!

  8. Absolutely adorable and perfection as usual! Your girls are so blessed. I love the purple and green with chevron combination. So pretty!

  9. that was the cutest party I have ever seen! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  10. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! That cake is amazing!

  11. That cake... WOW. You are the queen of parties, Mel!

  12. Wow! Cutest party ever! I'm so impressed.

  13. Love. It. Everything is so perfect. Where did you find that tablecloth?

    I think that we are going to go the all-girl route for Alexa's party next year. We went to one on Saturday and everyone was so calm! I have a boy, and I am still amazed at how nuts they are. Get ready with Luke. :)

    Fabulous job, Mel. :D

  14. I love it!! You always do such an adorable job with the little touches. I must check out your shop too. love this idea!

    Oh, and I was cracking up at your IG pic about the time you headed to bed!!!

  15. This is seriously adorable!!! I'm pinning this one to remember all of your details. LOVE it!

  16. That cake is AWESOME! Super cute party!

  17. After reading this I have decided I need a kid, asap! Ok, totally kidding because I will just read your blog when I need an adorable kid fix! You did an amazing job!! Kate looked so happy! Precious!

  18. EVERYTHING about this is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! Good job momma!

  19. SO adorable!
    And the cake that your MIL made is one of my favorties yet!

  20. I have been waiting to see the party details. Awesome as always! Love every little detail. I bet the girls had a blast.

  21. I am in AWE. I love everything from the purple & white straws, to the egg candies, the pancake-cake, the pancake cookies, the pillowcase decorating. I will be waiting for my invitation to Kate's 7th birthday ;)

  22. You throw the cutest parties! What a fun theme! And purple and green are my favorite colors too :)

  23. That looks like such a fun party! I love all the little embelishments. That cake is fabulous!

  24. Amazing!!! Your attention to detail is always inspiring. Don't you love parties where everything comes together and the kids get along? I think this would be such a fun idea for MY birthday!

  25. You parties are magnificent--simple, clean, creative, and to die for! With our first baby on the way and a lifetime of celebrations ahead of us, I can guarantee we'll be visiting your Etsy shop on many occasions!


  26. What an amazing party! I absolutely love the idea and everything turned out picture perfect. My favorites are the cinnamon roll pops and the "eggs and bacon." So, so fun!

  27. Fun party! I have been seeing some fun pancakes and pjs parties popping up on pinterest and thought it would be a fun theme for my daughters party. I love your invites...may be getting in touch with you when her birthday gets closer.

  28. what a cute party! i absolutely love the birthday banner!

  29. Where did you get that awesome fabric! Adoreable party!!!!!!

  30. I loved the Rainbow Art Party you had for Kate last year. I was planning to have it for my daughter this year (last year we moved right before her birthday so we didn't have a big party with friends.) But, now that I've seen this one, I may have to hold a pancake party! Pancakes and art are her favorite things! The party looks like it was fabulous!

  31. Wow! Everything looks so beautiful Mel! What a wonderful birthday Kate had. I am sending Belated Birthday greetings all the way from Jamaica to Kate. My mom is called Kate. Her full name is Kathleen. Thanks for becoming a Follower of my Blog and adding your link to Creative Monday. I am happy to follow back.

  32. This party is fantastic. I'm working on my daughters first birthday party and it is so much fun!

    New follower from the GFC hop.

    Xo, B

  33. Awesome party! Would your mother in law share some instructions for the cake? I am going to try to copy it for my daughter's upcoming birthday party!!

  34. Wow, this is definitely one of if not THE cutest little girl birthday parties EVER! Great job!

  35. These are so cute!! That cake is AWESOME! I absolutely love the birthday banner! I've enjoyed looking through your blog.

    Boys pyjama

  36. Hi Mel, I've been a long time reader/lurker on your blog. I keep coming back for more all the time. I'm currently trying to plan my daughter's sixth birthday party and I am wondering where you purchased that perfect, child sized banquet table and chairs. I have scoured the internet and found nothing. Many thanks and keep up the great inspiring work! Jennifer



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