Teacher Appreciation: Dinner is on Us {Free Printable}

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. 
I had every intention of baking cookies for the girls teachers and using one of the 10 teacher appreciation printables on my blog.
But this year I didn't use any of them.
Can you believe it?
I even had a whole blog post {HERE} about different Teacher Appreciation Ideas!
I had every intention to make the girls teachers homemade chocolate chip cookies last week & use a printable I already had, but I was wiped out last week due to SBAC/CAASP testing for my students & then having 3 kids with crazy schedules this week. 
Last Thursday night,  I just wanted to sit on my couch & watch scandal instead of make cookies.
So that is what I did.
I knew I couldn't show up empty handed for the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week,  so I decided to convert Kate's 8th Birthday party invite into a printable for their teachers and then I got them a gift card to a pizza shop. 
We have pizza every Friday night, so now they can have it also!

I posted the above photo on my Instagram and asked if people wanted me to make this into a printable for you to use. The answer was YES!

  So, here is a slightly different version for you to use! 

Instead of the pizza, I put a fork & knife (that way you aren't just limited to giving a giftcard to a pizza place)

Here is what you need for this Teacher Gift:

 - Dinner is on Us Printable (download at the end of the post)
- Gift Card for a restaurant (Another reason I love giving THIS Back to School Favorite Things Questionnaire to their teachers is so I know where they like to eat out!)
- Washi tape

 Easiest Teacher Appreciation Gift EVER.
 Print out the printable, buy a gift card, tape it on & sign your name. 
And trust me....Teachers love Gift Cards!

I love it when a last minute idea comes together! :)

Here it is for you to download:

{Click to download. Right click & then Save.}

This is a perfect Teacher Appreciation Week Gift or it's perfect for any time during the school year. We have less than a month left of school, but I know some of you are on Summer Break in the next 2 weeks or so (Lucky!!!!) So, if you want to give your kids teachers an End of the School Gift, this would be super easy & fun to give!


  1. These are so cute!! I love this idea for teachers!!

  2. That is seriously so cute! It's funny, I was just pinning teacher gifts last night because I couldn't sleep. This is perfect!!

  3. Thank you so much for the idea and free printable! I just downloaded it for my daughter to give her teacher for an End of the Year happy!

  4. Love this! Thanks, will definitely be using this!

  5. Love the free download!! Such a good idea!! I have a question about R+F. I've been using the Reverse regimen for about three months, for sun spots and a few dark spots that I got while pregnant. It's working pretty well, and I have noticed the spots diminishing. I would like to focus on the fine lines around my eyes and forehead after this, what regimen do you recommend? My mom got me the Reverse regimen for me.



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