Tie Dyed Easter Eggs {2014 Edition}

Yesterday the girls and I made our annual Tie Dyed Easter Eggs.
Here are the ties that we picked out to use:
Last month, we cleaned out Kevin's clothes and got rid of the majority of his wardrobe, including tons of his ties. I didn't give away the ties, instead I kept them for making our Tie-Dyed Eggs.
Tutorial on how to make the Tie Dyed Eggs {HERE}

Here are the ties cut up and wrapped around the eggs:
Here are the eggs after they have been Tie Dyed:
 Egg #1
 Egg #2:
Egg #3
Egg #4
 Eggs #5, #6 and #7
 TOTAL FAIL. I don't know what happened to these eggs. The colors didn't transfer at all. 
I have never had more than 1 flop a year. Don't know what happened to these ones.
I was going to toss them out, but decided to keep them, they have a perfect analogy for us on Good Friday.
The eggs that didn't keep the color are a good reminder that these eggs aren't perfect.
Neither am I. And, neither are you.
Which is why, today.....on Good Friday I am so thankful that Jesus died on the cross for me and for you. Even though we are far from perfect, God sent his one and only perfect Son to die on the cross for us.
I'm thankful for the cross....but, I'm even more thankful that Sunday is coming!
So glad we get to celebrate our risen Savior this weekend!
Happy Easter!



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