Get Pin-Spired #14

Happy April! 
It's time to Get Pin-Spired!
My sweaters & boots are packed away deep in my closet.
Spring has Sprung and it is all about bright Spring-y colors, ballet flats & heels.
I have 4 outfits to show you this month!
Outfit #1 - Denim Jacket, Print Dress, Neutral Shoe
I have been seeing TONS of this combo all over Pinterest:
And, here is me wearing it:
(I was asked to speak for a few minutes at a Rodan +Fields corporate event earlier in March, so this is what I wore)
Jacket  {Here or Here} //  Dress // Jewelry // Shoes

 Outfit #2 Polka Dots, Grey Jeans & a pop of Pink!
Here is my pin (I saw this outfit and knew I could re-create the color combo!):
I don't have pink flats, but I do have a cardigan that color to add in the pop of pink. I had everything in my closet:
I loved this outfit!
3 of my favorite things: Polka Dots, Ballet Flats & Pink!

Outfit #3 - Military Jacket, Pink Shirt & Jeans
Military Jackets are all the rage right now! Perfect for Spring (and Fall)
I saw this pin and new I had everything to go with it!
Original Pin:
 What was in my closet:
 And, wearing it:
 Jacket // Shirt // Jeans // Necklace (Stella + Dot) // Shoes

Outfit #4 - Blazer, Coral Tank, Statement Necklace & Heels:
Original Pin:
When I saw this pin, I knew I could recreate it with things I had in my closet!
I needed an outfit like this that was "business casual/chic" for a Rodan + Fields event in San Fran.
I knew this outfit would be perfect!

I got so many compliments on this outfit at my Rodan + Fields event.
 Speaking of Rodan + Fields, right now I am doing a fundraiser for my friend Anna who is adopting her son Miles from Africa. Many of you remember when I blogged about Anna's story here and here.
One of the reasons I started doing Rodan + Fields is so I can give back more.
Anna is trying to raise money for their plane flights to Bring Miles Home!
She asked if I could help out with one final push and I said YES!
From every Rodan + Fields purchase from now until Friday April 11th, I am donating all my commission to Anna for her to toward plane tickets.
You can read more about it here.
If you want to make a Rodan + Fields purchase or if you just want to donate to Anna,
send me an email to melissa_larson17{at}yahoo.com with the subject line "Bring Miles Home"

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My favorite part about linky parties is checking out other people who have linked up! 
Go find some new blogs & leave them a comment letting them know you stopped by...and get Pin-Spired by the outfits other people linked up!

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Love it when you see an outfit you want to create on pinterest and you have EVERYTHING in your closet already. It just makes what you have in your closet that much more versatile.

  2. I agree with Jane - I love when I have all of the pieces but Pinterest has given me a new way to wear them. My favorite was your last look - vavava voom! :)

  3. You always look amazing in your outfits! Maybe because you're tall and leggy (or at least you look it in pics!), but the clothes honestly look better on you than in any of the pins. Love your San Fran outfit and the pink & olive combo is suddenly my favorite after seeing it on you and Shay today. Thanks for hosting the linkup!
    Gina @ On the Daily Express

  4. I love all of these!!
    My favorite is outfit three--military green with pink!
    And you look STUNNING in the last photo with the blazer :)

  5. Love all the looks Mel! #2 is my favorite :) Polka dots are the best!

  6. Love your looks!! Pink and polka dots are my fav too! :)

  7. I love all of your looks!! I can't even pick a fave! So fabulous!

  8. I'm loving my Denim Jacket this Spring. I've found myself wearing it multiple times already!

  9. I absolutely always love your Pin-spired looks. You look fabulous in them all!!!

  10. I love your Pin-spired blog posts! They have inspired me to look at fashion on pinterest to mix up my outfits! www.thedietitiandiaries.com

  11. Your blazer outfit at the end is my favorite! Def business casual chic!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

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