Praying for Newtown.

I was going to blog about something else today.
But then I saw the news about the school shooting in Connecticut.
As I read the article, I saw the name of the town and the name of the Elementary School.
They sounded familiar & I immediately realized why.
Earlier this week, I had just addressed a Christmas Card to my friend Laura who lives in that town with her husband & 4 children.
I immediately started panicking & hoping it wasn't her kids school.
I sent her an email. Didn't hear anything back.
I looked up her address on google maps...the school was less than a mile from her house.
It was her kids school. I got a lump in my throat.
Tears filled my eyes & I called out to Jesus.
"God....Please let Laura's children be safe. Please."

I got an email back from Laura. 
Her kids were alive, but they saw things happen that no child (or adult) should witness or experience.
What has happened is Horrible. Awful. Heartbreaking. 

I have been anxiety ridden all day.
Thankfully, my students were testing all day, so I didn't have a lesson to teach. 
I wouldn't been able to, I have been too distracted & heartbroken about what has happened.
I wanted to drive over to Kate's school & pick her up. 
Innocent Kindergarteners lives (like my Kate) were taken.
There are children whose beds will be empty tonight.
Presents under their Christmas tree that will never be opened.
Devastating. There are no words to do it justice.

I am a teacher....the last thing you expect to happen at school is a shooting. 
I don't know those children will ever feel safe in school again.
What do I do when I am stressed? 
I pray, I write & I create.
So, I made this image as a reminder to pray.
{Feel free to use & share}

Pray for the community of Newtown, Connecticut.
Pray for my friend Laura and her children.
Pray for the families who lost loved ones today.
Pray that Jesus would wrap HIS loving arms around them and comfort them.
Pray that God would give them a peace that surpasses all understanding.
Hug your loved ones extra tight today.
Jesus, come quickly.
Come heal this broken world of ours.


  1. I have been crying all day. My youngest is in kinder. All day long all I wanted to do was go pick up my babies. This is beyond heartbreaking. I hurt so badly for the families and those sweet innocent babies.

  2. It just makes me sick. My younger daughter is in kindergarten and I keep thinking of all the little ones in her class. I an counting down untill 2:30 when I can see my three kiddos and give them hugs.

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  4. I am still at school, about to pick up Kieran. It has been hard today to say the least, but does not pale in comparison to what Laura, her children and all those families are feeling today. My eyes are welled with tears, my heart aches. Your words are my thoughts. xo

  5. There are no words. My heart is heavy and in a time like this all I can do is pray.

  6. Yes. Jesus, come quickly!
    It's all I can think about, today, that brings comfort.
    Thank you for this post.

  7. Oh my gosh Mel, tears are streaming down my face.
    I have been crying all day.
    I just can't imagine.
    I'm sick about it
    I can't look at our Christmas tree with presents underneath it without thinking of those innocent children who will not be opening their presents.
    I'm praying.
    Praying for your friend, and for her chi,dren, and for her entire community.

  8. I have been holding back tears all day today, but your words just broke the dam. I just can't even believe it. I am so relieved your friend's children are safe, but you are right...they will never be quite the same. Such senseless pain and misery. I am with you, come quickly sweet Jesus.

  9. And the dam broke again with your words! Today I taught my kindergarten class (in RI, not far from the tragedy), had all FOUR of my own children in the school with me for some part of the day (including the one we are expecting in April)...and I am so thankful I did not hear of the tragedy until right before dismissal. I couldn't imagine teaching through what I know now...

  10. I am so devastated for these families. I picked my kindergartener up from school and squeezed her so tightly. I taught 4th grade in MA and I can't imagine something so wretched occurring in that little world. I pray for those poor, poor families. How do you go on after something so awful?
    Tracy @ Momaical.com

  11. Beautifully said. I am raising them up in prayer.

  12. Praying for each and every one of them.

  13. I am praying for and thinking of Laura and her family and all the others affected by the horrific thing that happened today. It makes me sick to my stomach. I've cried and hugged my baby girl tight when she got home from PreK today. I can't imagine those who are no longer able to hold their babies after a long day. Ugh. Breaks my heart, literally just makes my insides hurt.

    Your words say it all perfectly.
    Thanks for writing this.

  14. Mel,
    Thank you for sharing this story. So intense to hear about the whole tragedy, let alone, have a personal connection. As a kindergarten parent myself (like you) and a teacher, my heart has been so heavy. I have a question for you and was hoping I might be able to email you about it. Would you send me a quick email if you get a chance this weekend with your email address (I checked through the blog and instagram and can't find contact info). Thank you!!!
    (christinegough@gmail.com) Prayers for calm hearts and sweet sleep tonight.

  15. I am new to your blog. My heart has been aching all day for the families. I can not imagine your fear and anxiety over your friends. Such a tragedy. My prayers will be with the families as they grieve.
    blessings to you.

  16. There are no words. None. Only tears and heartache for those innocent children. The ones who lost their lives so senselessly and for the ones who are left behind with the memories. I wish it was just a nightmare those parents can wake up from and have everything okay. Praying so hard for God's mercy for them and for us all...Please Lord, keep our children safe from this evil.

  17. Such an unspeakable act. Praying for all!!!
    Kris (Genn's Mom from Life In The Hass House)

  18. Thank you for your words- I felt the same today- i hope it's ok, I put this image on my blog too (giving you credit of course). Thank you!

  19. I'm so glad your friend's children came home. It's completely devastating and incomprehensible. Mark and I were both teary watching clips of the teacher who barricaded the kids in the bathroom and told them she loved them all. Praying for all those families and the entire community that has suffered such a loss. May God heal their wounds and bind the brokenhearted.

  20. I have been worried about Nick & Laura as well. I knew they lived in CT but didn't make the connection. I miss her blog. So thankful her four beautiful babies are safe!! I don't have contact info her. If you wouldn't mind emailing me I would be beyond grateful. chantelly21 AT gmail DOT com

    I have a 9th and 4th grader. I haven't wanted to let them out of my sight since Friday. All I can do is fall to my knees and pray.



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