It's Christmastime!

The weekend after Thanksgiving (for our family) is dedicated to getting our Christmas Tree & Decking our Halls. This year was no different. I grew up heading to the mountains & cutting down our Christmas tree, it is such a fun tradition. But, with little kids it can be hard, so since we have had kids, we only head up to the mountains about every other year. This year was a Home Dept year. 
When we woke up on Friday morning, Kate came running into our room declaring that she wanted a 
"Fun Family Friday!"
This is a cheesy phrase that we have coined in our family when we have a fun family day.
We chant it all day long. Yes. We are dorks :)

We didn't tell the girls that we were going to get our Christmas tree. 
They wanted Donuts, so we stopped by the Donut Shop, but there was a sign up saying they were closed because they ran out of donuts!!!! What?!? I guess a lot of people wanted Donuts the day after Thanksgiving. Who knew?
So, we headed to Starbucks for our first Red Cups of the season.
After Starbucks, we loaded up in the car and Kevin told them we were going to get a snake at the pet store (he was joking of course, we were really going to get our Christmas tree)
The girls were NOT amused at Kevin's idea about the snake. HAHAHA. Parents of the Year.

We told them we were joking & headed to the Home Depot for our tree 
(Womp, Womp. I like going to the mountains....next year!)
Gotta love the "decorations" up at the Depot. If those don't get you in the Christmas Spirit, i don't know what will. Ha!
Luke couldn't contain his excitement about getting his first Christmas tree.

Less than 5 minutes after arriving, we found our tree.

Fun Family Friday Success! We got our tree!
We waited until Saturday morning to decorate the tree.

Claire's first time putting the Star on the tree.

 I let the girls have full control of decorating the tree...I let them put the ornaments wherever they wanted.
 They had so much fun decorating.

 Luke & I had fun watching them.
 I don't know about you, but there is something so magical about having a baby around during Christmas.

Magical. Just magical.

Luke's first ornament.
The finished tree:
I always love playing around with my camera when photographing Christmas lights.
 I LOVE garland on our stairs. Besides the tree, it's my favorite decoration.
Our mantle:
 Other decorations around our house:

FRAGILE! It must be from France!

 And, one of my VERY favorite things about Christmastime.....Christmas Cards!!!

My friends are on the ball this year, we have gotten a handful already....I am WAY behind on getting mine done this year. Hoping to get them done this week! At least our halls are decked.
I love our home during Christmastime...I love the smell of the Christmas tree and just sitting in our living room drinking hot coco while listening to Christmas music with the lights glowing. 
Ahhhhhh......It's Christmastime!

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  1. Hi Mel, Thank you so much for the photo's. I allways like them and the december ones are so nice and special. Now I am waiting for your Elfie to meet him, please? Here in Europe we don't know him. Wish you and your family a warm and nice december time.
    Marion in the Netherlands.

  2. Nice decorations!


  3. Great pics! Your family is just precious! Love the one of the thumbs up hubby! ;)

  4. LOVE that you have the leg lamp! My family needs that in our house too :) Your children are precious!

  5. such great photos! I love your mantle with the family photo and all your stockings...a perfect picture of Christmas!

  6. Love this post! I can't wait to get our tree (we're so behind this year).

  7. Your mantle look beautiful! Love your lamp...my son really wants us to get one. :)

  8. How adorable are your kiddos decorating?!?! Your Christmastime touches are perfect!

  9. I want Luke for Christmas.

    Nick and are debating running out and getting our tree withOUT the kids!!!! ...because I think my crew would have an easier time agreeing on a snake!

    love you!
    love your spirit!
    merry Christmas!!!!

  10. Me too! I LOVE this time of year! I also love your Little fat Santa decoration! Luke is adorable in his Santa Hat!

  11. Love all your pictures, puts me in the Christmas spirit! :)

  12. I LoVE that you still got a family Christmas tree photo, even if it was the Home Depot!

  13. Oh my goodness that is so funny that Kevin told the girls you were going to get a snake. We call that a "dad joke." Your house looks great.

  14. Fun post, beautiful decorations, great pictures... and the one of the girls thinking they were going to go get a snake is just too funny. I came over from Kelly's blog just to visit. Merry Christmas!



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