Christmas Card 2012

One of my VERY, VERY, VERY favorite things about Christmas is going to the mailbox each afternoon & seeing what Christmas Cards have arrived from our Family & Friends. 
I just adore Christmas Cards & seeing the faces of our friends & family displayed in our house during the Holiday Season. It makes me so happy!

Since our cards have been mailed out, I thought I would also post them here!
Front of the Card:
 Back of the Card:
Photos on the card were taken by the talented Monika McSweeney.
More pictures from our session coming soon!

I always design our cards and this year, I just kept it simple and let the photos be the main focal point!
 I was going to leave the front plain without words, but I decided to add the phrase,  
"Cherish the Season
It has 2 meanings to me. 

First, it just speaks to me at this season of my life...Life with little ones is hard and demanding, but it is also beautiful. I want to make sure I cherish this season of my life because I know how quickly it goes. Sure, I am sleep deprived and low on patience, but children are a gift and I am blessed to have three to call my own.

Secondly...I want to cherish this season of Christmastime. I want this Christmas season to be spent reflecting on the birth of Christ and I don't want to get caught up in the busyness of the season. One way I did this is not selling Holiday cards in my Etsy shop this year. I knew I wouldn't have time with the demands of having a new baby, 2 other kids & teaching. Although I have missed creating Holiday cards for others, it was the right decision for me during this season.
Another way I am cherishing the Christmas season is Kevin and I have also been watching a Christmas movie almost every night in December so far. 
Also, everyday when I get home from school, we turn on Christmas music and I play it until the girls are in bed. Even though I am a terrible singer, music speaks to me and Christmas music makes my heart happy & allows me to connect with God. I can't listen to "O Come Let Us Adore Him" without tearing up....it brings tears to my eyes EVERY time I hear it. 

I also cherish YOU. Thank you for reading my blog!
How are you cherishing the Season? Are you obsessed with Christmas cards & stalk the mailman like me?

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  1. my favorite thing is getting christmas cards also. You should join my christmas card link up on 12/22.

  2. My 17 month old and I have a ritual each day going to the mailbox to collect the holiday cards. He can hardly wait to get back inside to tear the envelopes open! It's so much fun. Your card looks great!

  3. Your card is beautiful. All the photos are great. I completely agree with the multiple meanings of cherish the season. Especially about the little ones growing up too fast.

  4. your Christmas card is gorgeous! I hope mine ends up looking 1/2 that nice! I am obsessed with checking the mail as well, but haven't gotten any photo cards yet.

  5. Love it!!! I'm definitely a mailman stalker this time of year too:).

  6. Your card is absolutely beautiful! We are very into Christmas cards here :) I send out 125 and get around 60-80 here!

  7. I love getting Xmas cards too. Loving yours

  8. Told you yesterday....BEAUTIFUL!
    i'm obsessed too, but big fat bummer, no cards in the mail today! You have a ton already!

  9. PS, still waiting for your new header with Luke in it :)

  10. I love Christmas cards too. Yours is lovely!!

  11. love it, such a beautiful family and card!

  12. Wonderful card! Your family is just lovely xxx

  13. I couldn't have said it better myself! Cherish the season is right! And I love that you are embracing the season with movies and music...those are things your kids will always remember.

  14. I love Christmas cards as well. I love picking ours out and then receiving the cards from friends and family. And thank you for your message on cherishing the season. This really speaks to my heart right now. May the Lord continue to bless your season, both that of your life and of Christmas.

  15. I LOVE that you didn't open your etsy shop. Love where your heart is on this. I made the decision that the weekend before Thanksgiving was going to be my last weekend of 2012 doing photo shoots. Best decision I've made!

    We have had so many beautiful weekends in a row in NC, and I was with my family at parks enjoying them, seeing photographers with other families. It really cemented the idea to me and I plan to do it every year.

    Your card is amazing! Love it!

  16. Beautiful card! One thing we are doing to cherish the season this year is having family time every night and having a short Advent devotion. I found an ebook online and it's been great. We started the weekend after Thanksgiving. I think it's helped the kids to keep the right perspective this year. It also includes familly activities (usually baking). Addison tunes it out most of the time but the older ones are into it. Merry Christmas Mel! Enjoy that sweet family of yours!!!

  17. Your cards are beautiful! Christmas cards are one of my very favorite things about Christmas time too - sending them and receiving them! This year, we have a 2-month-old, so I also included his birth announcement on the back.

    And I couldn't agree more about cherishing this season - both the Christmas season and season of life.

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family : )






  19. Beautiful job, as always!! Gorgeous family!

  20. Your card is seriously GORGEOUS!!!!!! Merry Christmas :)

  21. Your card is awesome! Ours has a similar look to it this year. Great minds think alike ;) Beautiful family, Mel!

  22. Absolutely gorgeous! I remember your beautiful card from last year as well.

    Thanks for joining in the fun. I hope you have a very Merry CHRISTmas!!



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