Pinterest Test Kitchen {2012 Christmas Edition}

A few weeks ago, I was browsing Pinterest & saw 2 super cute Christmas treat/snack ideas.
I didn't pin them, but made a mental note that I wanted to make them with the girls.
Our Christmas Break starts late this year...December 21.
Usually, I have a week off school before Christmas & I look forward to that week so that the girls & I can do Christmas Crafts & Baking. Since our break starts so late this year, I making sure I do some crafts/baking before hand. Our first activity was yesterday!
The first snack called for my favorite...powdered sugar donuts.

Donut Snowmen!
  Here is what you need:
 -mini powdered donuts, wooden shish kabob skewers, fruit by the foot, mike & ikes, apple o's, peachy o's, gum drops, mini chocolate chips & black (or brown) cookie icing.

I love these powdered donuts...Can we have a moment of silence for Hostess going out of business?
Take 3 donuts & put them on the wooden skewer.
Add a peachy O or Apple O & then a gum drop for the top hat.
An orange Mike & Ike for the carrot nose.
Use other colored Mike & Ike's for the buttons.
Use mini chocolate chips (or the icing) for the eyes & mouth.
 The fruit by the foot is the scarf.
Viola! Powdered Sugar Snowmen!
 The girls had a fun time making (and eating) these.
They were cute, but they were MESSY.
Powdered Sugar everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
Also, make sure you get powdered sugar donuts that have small holes...the Entemenn's brand wouldn't work as well because the donut hole part looked WAY too big & candy didn't fit in there. I used Little Debbie. Hostess would have been perfect also, but RIP Hostess.
I saved the leftover candy for our Gingerbread Houses that we are going to make next week.

 The second snack we made was:
These were my favorite to make. SO, SO, SO EASY!
Here is what you need:
 Mini Chocolate Donuts, Pretzels, Red m&m's, Black Cookie Icing

 Break off pieces of Pretzel to make antlers, stick a red m&m in the hole to make the nose & add the eyes with the frosting.
These literally took us 3 minutes to make. Such a fun & easy treat to make!
I don't like the way chocolate donuts taste (I know, I am weird) but these were just too cute! 

Here are 2 things I made last year for the December Pinterest Test Kitchen that were cute & that I plan on making again.

Homemade Snow Globe Gift Card Holder:
Christmas Tree Brownies:
Click HERE for the step by step of each project.

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  1. So cute!! I love a mama who makes time for turning donuts and brownies into Christmas cheer. Love it!

  2. Oh those snowmen are so so cute!!! I'll have to try those! :)

  3. the donut and snowmen reindeer could NOT be any cuter! wow!

  4. oops! meant {donut snowmen and donut reindeer}

  5. Fun mom easy recipes are THE BEST. Because we can be fun. And it's easy. Not a fan off the complicated fun mom projects. Basically, I am a lazy fun mom. Thanks for linking up, Mel! I love these!

  6. These are adorable! And, I'm sad too about Hostess! Saw this recipe for a Twinkie cake on Pinterest and am going to have to try it out!


  7. If I keep reading your blog I am going to gain ten pounds on Christmas morning! Between the adorable Christmas tree pancakes and the reindeer...I am already at 10 pounds!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. no bake just assemble christmas goodies! now, that's my kind of pintertest kitchen.

    thinking some messy donuts snowmen and reindeer are in our future.

  9. Love these! We are going to make the brownie christmas trees with my daughters Daisy troop next week...I will let you know how we do. I am loving the donut snowmen...may be a fun Holiday class party idea for my sons class.

  10. Well, didn't you have the cutest ever PinterTest?!

    Loved the chocolate doughnut reindeers especially. Those will be happening at our house for sure!!!

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