Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from my Cupcake, Ice cream cone & Whoopie Cushion.
Our Halloween was more Sweet than Spooky.
I like doing themes for Halloween (as long as they will let me)
This year, the theme was sweet treats, hence the Cupcake & Ice Cream Cone. 
I was going to have Luke be a tootsie roll, but then I found this Whoopie Cushion & just HAD to get it for him. He more gas than any other baby I know, so this costume was perfection.
I mean, seriously....how awesome is his costume? 
He's the cutest little fart I ever did see!


  1. Oh my word, how adorable! I was going to comment on sweet the girls looked and then I saw the Whoopie Cushion and couldn't stop laughing, haha. Awesome costumes! Hope they had a great Halloween!

  2. YOu have the most adorable little girls! And LUKE! A whoopie cushion??? I love it! Sounds like so much fun!


  3. The girls are adorable, but that whoopee cushion costume really takes the cake. And then that cute face peeking out. I am sure he could never be guilty of passing gas. :o)

  4. The cutest little whoopee cushion ever, and one that slept all through the party at that! Such a sweet boy. Considering I had a cold, I wasn't going to pick him up and smother him with kisses, so I'm glad he was able to sleep. :) Loved hanging with you all. Another great Halloween under our belts! (And I totally agree about the theme: hence, Jessie & Buzz. As long as they let me, I'm going with theme).

  5. I love it! All! That whoopie cushion is amazing! I want it!! Great job, mama!

  6. How cute! I love all three of their costumes!!!

  7. Your girls are DARLING all dressed up and your little guy in the whoopie cushion is hilarious! Well done mama! :)
    Also, are we still on for your visit over to my blog on Wednesday!
    Let me know!
    Sheaffer :)

  8. ok, that whoopie cushion costume is HILARIOUS!haha!
    and your girls in their sweet little costumes are adorable.
    looks like Halloween was a success! :)

  9. Your kids are the cutest! love the whoopie cushion

  10. I was pregnant with my second when I found this and was determined to put him/her in it for their first Halloween and then I had a girl and it just didnt fit! I am pregnant with a boy now and if the bunting style works next year, I am totally doing the whoopie cushion! He will be ten months though so I will probably have to cut legs or something in it!


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