More Friday Funnies

Happy Friday!
It's time for some more Friday Funnies!
In June, I posted some of my favorite Someecards, and I have discovered some new ones that make me giggle.

I am SOOOO ready for the Election to be over. 
I am just not a political person, so this was perfect for me:
And, this is also true. Election year means it's also the Olympic year!
I've been back to school for over 2 weeks now. Last week was conference week & I had to conference with students who I have only known for a week. {awkward}
This card was PERFECT:
And, this is perfect for some of the emails my middle school students send me. 
They email me using text talk. Yikes.
Thank you, Tegan for showing me this card. Love it!
And by unconsious, I mean sleeping children. Right? Right.
This one is hysterical...I am 33 not 13, I shouldn't like his songs...(even if they do get stuck in my head!)
Love the birthday cards:
I am really good about remembering people's birthdays, it is one of my special talents.
I am kind of a freak show about birthdays/dates. Although, Facebook reminders are nice!
Speaking of birthdays and old people...My Grammy turns 101 tomorrow!!!
(Don't worry, she hasn't been driving for years!)

I know this isn't a Someecard, but it is funny.
My brother in law is a HUGE Dodgers Fan (ugh) and our whole family are Giants fans. 
My cousin posted this after the Giants won the NLCS. So funny (to me!)
And, this also makes me smile. It was posted after Game 1 of the World Series when Pablo Sandoval (who's nickname is Panda) hit 3 homeruns.
I am sorry if you are sick of me posting about Giants Baseball, we are just big fans. 
The World Series will be over next week, so just bear with me for a few more days :)

Hope you have a GREAT Friday and a wonderful weekend.
I can't wait to for Luke to meet his Great Grammy tomorrow on her 101st Birthday!!!
It's going to be a big birthday bash! You only turn 101 once!
Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Pablo Sandoval is Venezuelan, and Also I, SO proud about his job in the Giants.

  2. Glad you're enjoying the World Series...us Cardinals fans are sitting at home wishing we hadn't blown it! Seems like the Giants are just meant to be Champions this year! So...from a National League fan...Go Giants!

  3. GO GIANTS!!!

    And the first one of those is so, so funny. I love these. Whoever thinks of them is hilarious. :)

    Yay for Target! I think of you every time I'm there, lol.

  4. Love the Target funny! And no worries, we're enjoying the WS too!

  5. I watch every game too. I actually work in sports so you're definitely not bothering me at all! And the Dodgers one made me laugh. The only thing Ican stand about them is Donnie Baseball. And the first political funny is most assuredly... my mantra;)

  6. I am 31, I just went to a bieber concert with my girlfriend, we made shirts, I bought a cell phone cover, anddddd I'm 100% proud of it.

  7. I tried to be a cool mom by starting a beiber pandora station and playing it at home during downtime. The kids are like MOM! Is this Justin beiber? Can you change it? We don't like him. I'm like a smiley oh, okay (me neither!) I tried.

  8. Hi friend! I love your blog, and when someone nominated me for a liebster award, I couldn't help but jump on the love train and nominate you as well. Details on my blog if you want to participate. :) I know you have a million followers but I'm always sending folks over here just in case they aren't already reading. Love spreading the love!!!



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