On Saturday, my Grammy turned 101.
Yes, you read that right One Hundred and One.
 It was also the first time that Grammy meet Luke. 
How amazing to meet your Great Grandma on her 101st birthday.
I will cherish that day for a long time.

What do you get someone who turns 101?
Well, we got her some of her favorite roses, pink (her favorite color) and orange (in honor of the Giants playing in the World Series) Grammy is a HUGE sports fan and at 101, she still loves watching the Giants and 49ers play.
 And, of course a balloon, because my girls don't think it's a birthday without balloons.
 Last year, on her 100th birthday, we had a pretty big birthday bash.
But this year, we kept it more mellow.
Before dinnner, we had Grammy's favorite drink, Cranberry Vodka!
Cheers to 101 years!
 If you have read about Grammy on my blog before, you know that her advice for a long life includes having a Cranberry Vodka every day for happy hour! I'll drink to that!
We had a lovely steak dinner & cupcakes/cake for dessert.
 We sang Happy Birthday as the Giants won Game 3 of the World Series! (And, can we pause for a moment to mention the Giants sweeping the Tigers to win the World Series?!?!? YES!!!!)

 Grammy now has 10 Great Grand Children. 5 girls & 5 boys.

Grammy definitely doesn't have the energy that she used to.
I can really see a decline in her from that last time we saw her a few months ago.
She still lives on her own (which I think is incredible!) But, her hearing is fading and her eyesight is getting really bad. When you are 101, your body just starts to shut down.

Happy 101st Birthday Grammy.
Click HERE to read more about Grammy.
I am so thankful we got to celebrate Grammy and I am truly in awe of her.
She is amazing. 101. Wow.


  1. What a special celebration! My dad's mom (my Oma) lived to be 104. She passed away in 2008, but what an incredible life :)

  2. My great-grandfather lived until 96. He always just wanted to make it to 100 to get a letter from the President. He didn't quite make it to 97...it felt like overnight, his body just shut down. I still miss him so much. Weird but true: on his deathbed when I was 19, I told him that I promised I'd name my child after him (he was crying he never got to see a child in the family named for him) and someone asked "what if you have a girl?" My Nonno held my hand and said "I promise, you will have a boy and you will know that I am there." He said he could pass peacefully knowing one day I would have a child named after him and then he was gone, hanging on long enough for my father (who was his other half) to come home from a business trip to say goodbye. Fast forward to when I was 25, pregnant with my first child and had 1,000 things wrong with my pregnancy. No one knew if my baby would be able to make it to full term. No one knew what would happen. I was terrified. My baby ended up having to be born a month early at 36 weeks -- and there he was, born on my Nonno's birthday, perfectly healthy. Before he passed, he promised me that he'd be there and I'd know it somehow, that he was there, and I swear that's how I knew he was there. A month early, right on my Nonno's birthday. Crazy, right?

    Anyway, I'm rambling. Your Grammy is just so sweet and she reminds me so much of my Nonno. I am so glad she made it to 101 -- what a feat! -- and she looks beautiful! How great to have the generation picture and all of these amazing memories. She seems like such a wonderful person!

  3. That's awesome
    Happy birthday to your Grammy. My husbands great grandma is 93 and she still lives on her own and even drives sometimes.

  4. Wow that is incredible! Not many people get to make it that far!

  5. She looks adorable - I just want to hug her. What a wonderful celebration - you are blessed. Good job on the cupcakes - so cute.

  6. Sounds like it was a perfect celebration, Mel! And LOVE that the Giants honored her by winning😉

  7. 101 that is awesome. Happy Birthday to your grams

  8. This post made me laugh and cry! She seems to love life....what a special memory for you guys. And I LOVE her daily advice...Vodka Cranberry is my favorite :) Happy 101st to her!

  9. what a special day and a special lady!
    it's true...you're blessed. :)



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