Halloween 2012

This Halloween was on of the best yet.
Our Halloween festivities kicked off the night before Halloween with some pumpkin carving at home.
Kate had been drawing designs all afternoon in anticipation of pumpkin carving. 
Here is the pumpkin she designed:

Claire wanted a heart on hers, because she didn't want people to be scared.
Every year, we let one of the zucchini's from our garden grow extra large so that Kevin can carve the zucchini (He grew up doing this)
Pumpkin seeds ready to be roasted. HERE is my recipe.
This year we had a Cupcake, Ice cream cone & Whoopie Cushion.
Our Halloween was more Sweet than Spooky.
I like doing themes for Halloween (as long as they will let me)
This year, the theme was sweet treats, hence the Cupcake & Ice Cream Cone. 
I was going to have Luke be a tootsie roll, but then I found this Whoopie Cushion & just HAD to get it for him. He more gas than any other baby I know, so this costume was perfection.
I mean, seriously....how awesome is his costume?
He's the cutest little fart I ever did see!

Last year on Halloween, we had friends over for dinner & then we all went Trick or Treating together.
It was so much fun last year, we decided to do it again this year!
 You know me, I love any excuse to have a party!
Each family brought an appetizer to share.
My friend Becky made these AMAZING phyllo cups.
She made 2 different versions, you can find the recipe on her blog, HERE.
 My friend Kelly made this amazing Layered Greek Dip:
 We had chips, salsa & guac:
I also made a huge batch of Taco Soup. I make it every Halloween.
 Luke & Jack slept the entire time. Winning!
As it got dark, it was time to head out for the main event...Trick or Treating. I got each kid a glow stick necklace. Thank you Target Dollar Spot.

One of the benefits of having a stroller to push around, is wine storage for the adults to go Trick or Treating with!
We had a great time Trick or Treating in our neighborhood.
 Our court also had a little block party that we went to after Trick or Treating.
 The next day was spent organizing candy. Kate is so my daughter. Love it!
 I am a mean mommy & only let the girls keep 10 pieces of candy. 
The rest is eaten by Kevin & I and then donated to the Troops overseas.

It was one of the best Halloween's yet. It was 4 days ago and my girls are still recovering from the late night and all that sugar....it has been a brutal few days, but that's what happens when you celebrate Holidays with kids, right? Anyone else's kids still recovering from Halloween?


  1. It looks like you had a fun Halloween! I love that you always have a dessert table at your party. I wish you were my neighbor!

  2. @Kelli - I am basically obsessed with dessert tables. I mean, it was Halloween...we didn't need anymore sweets, but I just love making fun treats :)

  3. So fun!

    The name thing going on with our families is killing me. We've mentioned it before, but it is crossing over even more. My name:Katie (Kate). My husband is Kevin. I have a Luke and a Jack. Too funny!

    Glad you had a fantastic time. : )

  4. I am copying ALL of that for Halloween next year, just FYI. :) Wine + trick or treating = best idea ever!

  5. Fun night!
    I wish we lived closer so we could combine parties. ;) Your food and treats all looked so yummy and cute.
    Loved the wine storage in the stroller. Hilarious.
    And Claire's heart pumpkin was so cute. What a sweetheart. And the baby slept the whole time?... FTW! :)

  6. https://www.behance.net/gallery/46450419/_



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