Luke's Nursery

Would you like to see Luke's nursery?
Come on in!
His nursery used to be our Guest Room. When we found out I was pregnant, we decided to make the Guest Room the nursery and then we did some construction & built an office/guest room (which I realized I haven't posted pics of yet! I will do that soon!)
We didn't repaint the room (it is Fig Cookie by Kelly Moore), but during construction, we added crown moulding & new base boards to all our rooms and got new doors.
I knew that if we had a boy, I wanted to go with a classic navy/red boy nursery with Sports as an accent.
If you know me (and Kevin) you know that we LOVE sports, so we wanted to incorporate that into the nursery.
I wanted the bedding to be simple & not have Sports on it, so I mixed & matched a bumper & crib skirt from Land of Nod.
I also got the L pillow from Land of Nod.

I got the Luke scripture pillow from Chrissie Grace's Etsy shop. Each of my girls have personalized pillows from her with their own scriptures. I love these meaningful pillows!
(Don't worry, the pillows are just for decoration, I take them out  when he sleeps in his crib. I also take out the bumper & use a breathable bumper until they are 1 year old)

One of my favorite pieces of his nursery is the name canvas/scoreboard that I found in this Etsy shop.
 I had the score say 8 to 9 because his birthday is August 9th.
 The big L is really a cardboard L that I bought at Joann's and then spraypainted it red.

Nightlight {here}

Sports Balls {here}

One of my favorite things about his nursery are the Rain Gutter Bookshelves that Kevin and I made.
I pinned this idea months ago & was so excited to make them.

They were so easy to make and so cheap!
I bought one 10 foot piece of Rain Gutter for $5.47
Kevin sawed it in half with a hack saw to make two 5 foot shelves.
I bought rain gutter end caps that were $3.19 for a 2 pack.
I bought a huge box of 1 5/8 inch dry wall screws for $3.49. 
That's it. So cheap!
It took Kevin and I about 35 minutes from start to finish to saw them & put them up.
Here is the link to the step by step directions that I used.

 I love how they turned out! They are very sturdy because we used drywall screws & we screwed them into studs and also screwed them in to to the ends. Even if he pulls up on them when he is older, I think they will still stay up!
 Pillow Sham {here}

More sports accents around the room.
 Thanks for stopping by Luke's nursery! Hope you enjoyed your tour!
And, because I am nosey & love looking at people's houses, so here are other rooms in our house:
 Kate's Room:

Claire's Room:

  Master Bedroom
Guest Room/Office 
Kitchen & Family Room


  1. I LOVE the little bookshelf! Its so cute that it is under the window and at a childs height. I also love the pictures on the wall.. did you make those??


  2. I love the bookshelves, too! We also have "Little Blue Truck"-- it's a family favorite :)

  3. those bookshelves are awesome! I might have to add those to Elyse's room in the future...I love how they're accessible to the kiddos so they can pick out their own book.

  4. Genius! I love those bookshelves. Such a cute, perfect space. Well done, mama. Thanks for linking up!

  5. I love his room and I especially love that cute baby in the last picture!

  6. Love this! So classic and clean. We are doing the same theme in our baby boy's nursery (due in December). Navy blue and red with a sports (St. Louis Cardinals) theme. Those rain gutter shelves are amazing. May have to talk to hubby about that :)

  7. great idea! i wish miles wasn't such a two year old boy so that i could do this in his room! he would destroy it. ;)

  8. Very cute and I love the bookshelves, such a cool idea.

  9. He's so so cute!!! Love that sign over his bed, and how you incorporated his birthday in there. When I first saw it, I thought maybe that those were your and your hubby's numbers. :) Love that you made it all boy.

  10. here's my question. i want to make those bookshelves but you have them holding little cloth and board books and such. do you feel like they're sturdy enough to hold bigger kid books too? the best pic was luke in the crib, appreciating what a talented mother he has :)

  11. LOVE!!!!!! Every detail is SO cute. Blue & Red: great combo! I love how the rain gutter shelves turned out. Perfect for little exploring hands.

  12. Love it!! You did an awesome job! Such a great idea to go with a classic theme, he can grow with it all the way into being a big boy! :)

  13. This is beautiful! I especially love the bookshelf idea!

  14. What a fun nursery!! Your bookshelves turned out so well, and are perfectly placed under the window. You're little guy is adorable...you must be one proud momma:)!

  15. Those bookshelves are adorable and I love the color combination- well done!

  16. Thank you for sharing the info on how you did the big "L" from JoAnn's. Such a great idea to just spray paint it. It looks great and the room is so amazing!

    Great job!

  17. YOu did a wonderful job.I love it!


  18. Simply adorable!! Love all the little touches...especially his name pillow!!

  19. darling room. very boy. lindsey also has rain gutter shelves in her school room. they work great.

  20. So adorable, Mel! You guys did SUCH a good job!!! Love all the artwork and the pillows. And the 8-9 score! :)

  21. It's simple and classic. I love it!

  22. Fun room! Hope he love, Love, LOVES books his whole life!

  23. I LOVE this room and especially the bookshelves! Your little one is so cute! I enjoyed the tour. :)

    Greetings from Germany :)

  24. The kid's rooms look awesome! Love those scripture pillows :)

  25. Wow!! Adorable room! Thanks so much for sharing it with me. :) I looove the details like having his birthday on the scoreboard. So clever. :)

  26. What a great idea! The whole room is just super cute!!!

    I "found" your blog through Kelly's Korner.


  27. I love how the bookcases are so low and friendly for him to have access. I am so passionate about kids reading! :) Love your blog! Erin

  28. Love the room! My little boys room is in baseball theme too! : I so want to try the bookshelves - Love it!

  29. tell me about your glider. do you like it? would you recommend it?

  30. Oh my goodness your children have fabulous rooms! I am jealous. I wish my room was that awesome :-)
    - Erin (No Bohns About It)

  31. Very cute room! I love his name pillow. Thanks for sharing!

  32. What a great room! Those scripture pillows are awesome! They would make great Easter gifts!

  33. loved the idea and went to home Depot rt away. found out that they are scratchy and dirty. any idea if they would clean well or ideas to cover the imperfections?


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