Ready. Or Not.

In less than 8 hours I will be leaving this little guy and returning back to work.
It is a sad, sad, sad day when Maternity Leave is over.
The past 8.5 weeks have gone by WAY too fast.
I went into school on Friday to get things in my classroom "ready" for Monday.
Lesson Plans were made...
I got a new pack of my favorite pens to start off my school year. It's the little things.
I spent the weekend doing some Retail Therapy.
When you have to go back to work at 8 weeks post partum, your clothes just don't fit the same and I was feeling super sad about going back to work, so Luke & I hit the mall and I got some new clothes.
(And, I finally used a Nordie's gift card that I have been hanging onto!)
Getting new clothes always helps me get ready for a new school year.
Since I haven't been to school yet this school year, this was  Back to School shopping for me.

I have been getting other things "ready" for my return to work.
My freezer is stocked up with frozen milk.

I even painted my nails to get ready for school.

The name of the color is fitting....Armed & Ready.
 Even though I am prepared for school tomorrow, I am no where near "Ready"
The thought of teaching 150 middle schoolers tomorrow is overwhelming to me right now.
I have been in denial about going back to work, that I just didn't think about it.
I finally checked my school email for the first time since Summer and it has over 2,200 unread emails.
I immediately closed it after seeing that number. Ugh.
This week is going to be BRUTAL.
 I know Luke will be in good hands.
I teach every day, but it's a partial day. Luke will be with my mom 3 days a week & Kevin's mom the other 2 days. My school is just a few blocks away. But still. He's my baby and I am going to miss him.
The girls will be at school and I am so incredibly thankful for my friends who are going to be picking them up for me each day. Thank you Kelly, Susan and Becky for being my village!!!!

So, tomorrow starts a new chapter.
Our new normal with me as a working mom again, but this time as a mom of 3 kids.
I would appreciate your prayers this week. The first week is always the hardest.
I've been crying about it all weekend.
Don't know how I am going to juggle this, but I do know it will take LOTS of prayer.
Ready or not, here I come.

(I have a giveaway scheduled to go up on Monday morning, so be sure to check back to see that! And, don't forget about Crock-tober this Thursday 10.11.12)


  1. Good luck Melissa!
    I'm a teacher too (in France) and i've got a little girl. I'm still on maternity leave but i know it will be difficult when i'll have to go back to work (even if i love my job).
    I'll think of you and i wish you a good school year. I'm sure everything will go well.

  2. Good luck Mel! It will all be fine, if you can get through this you can get through anything! x

  3. Good luck, sweet Mel! You are a star and all will be well. Luke is SERIOUSLY one of the cutest baby boys I've ever laid eyes on...and I have two of them!

  4. Thinking of you today! No doubt about it, it's a hard day, let alone week! Deep breaths, you can and will do it! All will be well! And as a side bonus, you know that of those 2,000 emails, several hundred will be junk! ;)

  5. Praying for you this morning!! God will carry you through! :]

  6. Praying for you this morning.....right now!

  7. luke is fortunate to have two grandmothers to love on him while you work. what a blessing for them.

    you are blessed to have a "villiage" to come along side you.

    I pray God keeps your eyes on him and how generous he is to you, delight yourself in him! i pray you see how he is glorified through you at work, and feel purpose while you are there. i pray the time at home will be en sweeter. i pray for the spirit to give you grace for yourself, and for things that can not be accomplished. i pray for you to rest in his great love for you and your family. in jesus, amen.

  8. I'll be thinking about you as you head back to work! I know it's not easy, but you can do it!

  9. I'm always amazed how working moms get it all done-and you seem to do it with ease! Good luck-it sounds like you have lots of good help surrounding you!

  10. I'm sad for you too. Wish I had something to say that would make it easier. Just know that you are being thought of and prayed for from so cal.

    Wish you were my kids' math teacher :)


  11. im sure you'll do great as you head back too work. I know that first week is so hard, sending lots of hugs and prayers your way!

  12. Oh girl, I hope your day went well...& what a blessing that Luke is in such good hands!

  13. Good luck, hope your day is off to a good start! I have had a really tough day being at work today, I was home with sick kids yesterday and just really wishing I was home with them everyday. I was part time last year (I'm a teacher too), and loved it. Not in the cards for us right now though, it is what it is!

  14. My prayers are with you. I know that you are such a capable, talented, caring mother and teacher that you will rock this just like everything else you put your mind to. Extra hugs and snuggles are in order!!!

  15. I can SO identify with you. I have three kids--7, 5, and 3 and I teach 150 middle schoolers each day too! For some reason the actual thought of going back to work was much worse than it actually was, but man, the juggling and balancing is tricky. Praying for a great week, and happy almost half-way to the weekend :).



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