End of the School Year {2011} + A Free Printable

Kate's school year ended this week
(I still have 2 more weeks left....Summer is almost here!)
Kate loves school & was so sad it was ending.
She has just thrived in the school setting this year.
Look home much she has physically grown this year:
And, here is a "self portrait" that she did in school the first week & the last week.
I can't believe how much her art has improved in 9 months!
In honor of the last day of school, we made her teachers some gifts.
I totally dropped the ball during Teacher Appreciation Week & didn't get them any presents.
Mom Fail. Mom who is a teacher FAIL.

I asked Kate what she wanted to make her teachers & she said cupcakes.
(We make a lot of cupcakes around here!)
So, we made Mason Jar Cupcakes.
So easy to make. You make any flavor cupcake.
I made my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes.
Take them out of the liners, place one at the bottom of a mason jar, add some frosting, add another cupcake & then more frosting.
I added some mini chocolate chips on top for fun:
Then, put on the lid & add some ribbon for decoration.
I also made personalized stickers for each jar:
And, I added a spoon so they can eat it right then :)
I had Kate decorate the bags as her "Thank You Note"
She had a fun year of school & had really great teachers.
She is already asking when school starts again.
She told me yesterday that she loves school so much and wants to be a teacher like Mommy when she grows up.
And, she wants to be a swim teacher in the summer.
(First, she needs to learn how to swim!)

I still can't believe how fast this school year went for Kate.
Hoping the next 2 weeks fly by for me!
It has been a LONG week for me at school, this 3 day weekend has come at a perfect time.
Hope you have a nice Memorial Day Weekend.
So thankful for those who have risked their lives for our freedom.

And, don't forget to come back Monday for "Mel's Favorite Things Birthday Giveaway!"

Here is the printable for you to use!

Vanilla ButterCream Frosting Version:
{Click to download. Right click & then Save.}

Coffee Buttercream Version:
 {Click to download. Right click & then Save.}


  1. I LOVE that idea to take the photo on the first and last days of school! My daughter is finishing her first year of preschool next Friday and I'll be doing the same photo idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Mason jar cupcakes are the BEST!

    (I love that our photo shoot comes up at the bottom of this post because of Mason's name. :)

  3. oh my i love this post!!! isnt it crazy how much they grow in one school year? CRAZY!!!!!
    happy friday friend!!

  4. I LOVE your idea for teacher gifts! Yet another idea I will be "stealing" from you ;)

  5. Aw, look how much she has matured
    since September!
    Bittersweet, huh.

    Love the cupcake in a jar
    idea for her teachers.

    Two more weeks...
    you're almost there...
    maybe it will even warm up by then!


  6. This is one of my favorite posts on your blog so far. The mason jar cupcakes turned our perfectly and letting Kate decorate the bags was such a sweet idea. Hope your family has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

  7. What a cute idea!! I love these cupcakes. I remember when I first found the recipe last year (:

  8. You know, I always take a picture on the first day of school, but never the last! I need to get better with this!

  9. Love the cupcakes in a jar...so cute! And I love, love taking a picture on the last day too! I did it on the first day, but we have one more week left, so I can do it...thanks for the great idea!

  10. I'm so doing the first/last day of school photo when Will starts school. That's such a neat idea, and I would have never thought of that. What a change in one year! Cupcakes in a jar--too cute! I'm sorry I missed the cupcake linkup but I just now got the family recipe for Italian Cream Cake, which I was going to turn into cupcakes. You'll have to host another cupcake carnival again so I can share it. We have one more week of school. I'm so ready for summer! Have a great weekend :)

  11. I think that's so wonderful that she loves school. I dropped the ball this year too with TAW and I'm putting together something for Jamison's teacher now. Those cupcakes in the jar sounds like a great idea...thanks for sharing. It's amazing how the fast the time goes.

  12. Great idea! Do you use a application to make the stickers and cup cake toppers I see on your other blog posts?

  13. I make all my stickers & cupcake toppers in photoshop & then I print them out on cardstock or sticker papter & then cut them out with a scalloped puncher!

  14. Mel, she is such a cutie!!! I love what you made for the teachers! They must have been so excited to get those yummy cupcakes. I used to LOVE gifts like back when I was a teacher!

  15. She has grown so much this year. She looks like a little kid now.

  16. Wow what a difference 9 months makes! I love how much her self-portrait improved.

  17. Thanks for the great idea. We aren't out of school until next Thursday (ugh!) but I am copying your idea. The only difference is that I am putting my kids handprints on the bag and having them write "thank you for the impression you made on my life".




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