Insta Friday

It's Insta Friday!
Time to post all your pictures from Instagram.
Here is a snapshot of my birthday week via Instagram.
Sunday night, we celebrated my birthday at my parents house.
My dad made the best ribs ever. Seriously amazing.
On Monday (my actual birthday) I had to go to a Memorial Service for a former student who took her own life. It has been a rough 2 weeks and the whole situation has really affected me & I am still processing. When I got home from the service, my mom & older sister had decorated our kitchen for my birthday to cheer me up.
And, they took the girls to get me birthday balloons.
For my birthday dinner, I just wanted to spend it with Kevin & the girls so we got a Zachary's pizza to go. And, ate it on paper plates. Best B-day dinner ever.
Birthday Cake.....Recipe coming soon. Amazingness.
Tulips. I love tulips. I used to say roses were my favorite flower, but I think tulip are.
Kevin put in a stone pathway for me over the weekend.:
My mother in law got Kate this necklace for her birthday in January.
Kate loves it & wants to wear it everyday.
Check out the font....Comic Sans....font fail.
(I am a font snob. This font is not okay)
The weather in Nor Cal has been crazy. And cold. And rainy.
Um, it is June. It should not be 55 degrees out.
The sun has been out one day this week.
Claire pretending to be a dog all afternoon.
Patriotic Goldfish for Memorial Day.
2 little girls posing for the "camera"
Flowers in my Kitchen Window:
Check how our garden is growing:
Kate cheering on Claire at swim lessons.

Getting her chair to help me make dinner.
Brinner! Breakfast for Dinner.
Scrambled eggs, Monkey Bread & Blueberries.
My view last night. On the couch. In cozy slippers & jammies.
Playing Angry Birds and Words with Friends. Addicted to the ipad.
Cutest picture of Kevin & Claire taken last night.
Too bad it was at 10pm & Claire was still awake.
LinkSo, there was our week in Instagram pictures.
So fun to ditch my fancy camera every once in a while.
I am a fan of Instagram, so fun to play around with all the different filters!

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  1. I love that your girls wear matching clothes! I can't wait to do that with my only little children! :)

  2. I am not sure I'd let my child wear something with Comic Sans on it... way to let go of your font snobiness for your child's sake!

  3. looks like your birthday week was as lovely as could be despite the literal and figurative clouds!

    you really are getting the hang of intsa! :) welcome to the club!

  4. Ugh, could you send some of that rain and coolness to us? We have had rain 1 day in the last 3-4 months. We are dry, dry, dry and the temps are reaching 100 already!

  5. It looks like a wonderful birthday! I am so sorry to hear about your student, that must have been heartbreaking! Your pics are wonderful! Have a great weekend ;)

  6. Fun post! Though how tragic to read about your former student- I'm so sorry! I can't imagine that happening to one of my students, and it must be so hard for everyone.

    I'm glad you had an awesome birthday!!! :)

  7. I heart Zachary's pizza! And birthdays! Happy Birthday Mel:)

  8. I've been wanting to do this for a while! I'll link up for next week :) All this on your new ipad2? Happy (rainy...ugh) weekend...4-more-days!!!

  9. Cute pics!
    Glad you had a nice birthday!
    Claire has that same suit Kate was wearing. Love Target!
    Your garden looks great. I can't believe mine is growing! I was so worried that I would kill it. :)

  10. What a great bday week. Makes me want cake and a garden...

  11. Mel, I love your instagram pics! I am addicted to that app. :) The weather has been crazy here in the Central Valley too. I love it though. :) I meant to comment a long time ago, when you stopped by my blog, but I am the worst blogger this week and completely forgot. (hanging my head in shame) So great to find another Superior Dairy fan. :)

  12. Love your week's montage. I'm so sorry to hear about your student. What a tragic loss. I am glad your family decorated for your birthday to remind you that even in the midst of heartache, you are loved and you matter!

  13. Happy birthday! It looks like a fabulous week!

  14. Had no idea what instagram was until tonight!!! LOVE it, what a cool app, thank you!!!! Also try the 'Talking Tom' app for ipad for K & C, my boys think that is the funniest thing ever, LOL!!!

  15. I love the photos thanks for sharing. The cake looks delicious, I can't wait for the recipe!

    Kelli @ loveoursimplelife.blogspot.com

  16. I like this Instagram Pics Friday. I'm going to have to give that a whirl as well. Your birthday cake looks so yummy! I'm excited to see the recipe. :) Happy Belated Birthday!

  17. Happy (belated) birthday! Great snap shots. Mel, I'm so, so sorry about your student... we have been in prayer for her family and friends.

    On a lighter note, Kevin did an awesome job on the stone pathway!

    And... all those fresh flowers are beautiful. ;)

  18. beautiful pictures! i'm sorry for a hard few weeks, but it shows that your family sure does love you!!! and i LOVE tulips (i've never been a huge fan of roses) lol!
    ps-thank you for your sweet comment over @ LifeasaPepin!

  19. isnt instagram great!!? love your pics! thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  20. FUN photos!!! love your new pathway and that you had yummy take out pizza! the best:)


  21. i want an iphone so i can instagram....some day.

    your pix are terrific.

    i'm sorry about the loss of your student.

    a friend of mine took her life in january (wife and mother of 2). it was devastating. satan is a liar. i hate him. i still grieve for her, it comes in bits and pieces, in disbelief, and then turns to hope as i count on jesus who overcomes.



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