My first (and last) post about Oprah.

Today is the day.
Oprah's final show.
In college, I have fond memories of watching Oprah everyday at 4pm after soccer practice.
And, during the summer after college, I would get home from working at soccer camp and relax by watching Oprah.
Before we had kids, I would come home from school & everyday at 4:00 I would sit on my couch drinking a Diet Coke, eat Wheat Thins, grade math tests and watch Oprah.
Pretty much every single day. Ahhh..those were the days. Ha!
But, since having the girls, watching Oprah everyday has certainly not been a priority.
I just don't have time to watch her everyday.
So, I just DVR episodes that look interesting.
But, now that is all coming to a close.
My Bucket List item of being an audience member at the Oprah show isn't going to happen.
Have you been watching this week?
Will you watch her farewell show today?
You could make some cupcakes & these Oprah cupcake toppers.
LinkAren't they awesome?
I will miss Oprah's different hairstyles.
I will miss her fun & entertaining guests.
Do you have a favorite Oprah show?
My favorite one was the 2 part series on Hoarders a few years ago.
And, of course the Tom Cruise jumping on the couch one was hysterical (and embarrassing)
I will miss Dave Letterman telling Oprah jokes on the Late Show.
And, of course I will especially miss her "Oprah's Favorite Things Show"
Those were the best!
Speaking of Favorite Things....be sure to check my blog next week.
In honor of my birthday next week, I will be doing a "Mel's Favorite Things Giveaway" on Monday! You won't want to miss out!


  1. I heart Oprah and everything she has accomplished. It is seriously amazing the change she has inspired in her lifetime so far. Hands down, the favorite things episodes are the BEST! :) Can't wait to see what some of yours are!

  2. Mel, I have a story for you! Jon and I got laid off on the same day in 2002. I made a list of everything I wanted to do in Chicago but never could because of working. Seeing Oprah was on top of that list. So I called and called and called and got tickets.

    I took me, Jon's sister Liz, and two other friends. It was the Jamie Kennedy one where they played pranks on people, where they gave the woman in her 50s the goth make over. I laughed so hard.

    Liz went back to work and her friend Paige was all - why didn't you take me to Oprah??? So Liz called and called and got tickets to a show. Liz and Paige took their moms (Jon's mom Roxane). After their show, the producers asked if any mom-sister duos wanted to be on a show. Liz and Roxane volunteered and they got picked!

    So then Liz and Roxane were ON the show, and Jon and I were guests in the front row!! But the show never aired because Oprah asked another mom-daughter duo about their dad's suicide and they threatened to sue Oprah. It was crazy, they stormed off the set a la Springer. Liz never got to talk but Oprah did ask Roxane some questions.

    We got to ride in the Oprah Show limo to a hotel afterward, drank champagne, and had a blast. So I would say that was my favorite episode.

    That is why I continue doing stuff on my crazy bucket list, you never know when accomplishing your list will help someone accomplish something on their list!

  3. Aw, I wish I could have watched. My favorite episodes were the two shows that I went to with my sis. Total blast, front row. Also saw her at Radio City Music Hall in NYC where she gave a one woman show about her life. It was amazing and she totally talked about her faith and love for Jesus, which I had never heard her directly say before. She has done so much for the world, I just think she's awesome. Oh, and I love when she was on 30 Rock. So funny.

  4. I love all things Oprah. The Gayle and Oprah camping episode was hilarious. I don't know if Anderson Cooper or Katie Couric can fill such big shoes...

  5. oooo...cant wait for your big giveaway;)

  6. I'm so SAD about Oprah ending her show.
    I'm betting she runs for president someday.

  7. LOL. Love the cupcake topper - you should have an Oprah party and hand those out - "YOU get a cupcake, and YOU get a cupcake, and YOU get a cupcake"

    Or a giveaway works too. Where everybody gets a prize! :) Woot!

  8. I know...I've always wanted to be a GUEST on her show. That dream's totally shot.

  9. Ooooo I can't wait for the giveaways and to know what your favorite things are. Yes, I will be watching today!

  10. Mel I had the privilege of going to an Oprah show!! October 2008, I took my mom & it was a Dr. Oz show! We also got to sit in the 4th row from the stage!!! It was such an amazing experience!!!

  11. It's weird thinking that the Oprah Show references we often hear will fade out. :( I'll miss Oprah's Favorite Things!! Looking forward to your Favorite Things giveaway, though!

  12. I watched everyday in college and before kids just like you. Haven't watched in a long time but I did watch the farewell show, I felt like I had to ;)
    I always loved when Peter Walsh the organizer was on. When is your bday? Mine is monday, doesn't that mean I should automatically win the giveaway {wink, wink}

  13. I LOVED the last few shows...it really put in perspective the lives that she has changed over the years. She proves that one person CAN make a difference!

  14. Like you, I watched after practice in college only it was running, not soccer. Like you, I watched after teaching middle schoolers only I drank Cherry Coke & ate Oreos.
    Like you, I have DVR'd shows since having kids but haven't had much time to watch!! I will miss it for sure!! :)

    P.S. I'd say we have a lot in common- haha!



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