A day at the Fair

The girls and I went to the Fair this week with my sisters.
We met up with my in-laws & my niece & nephews
We started off our adventure at the fair in the 4-H/Farm area.
Kate loved the pit of corn kernels.
Claire? Not so much.
Claire liked riding the "horsey" much better.
They had a "milking" station.
Drew got in on the milking action:
Kate was a very serious milker.
Milk it Kate, milk it.
They had a "pooper scooper" section in the Farm Area.
Kids could rake & wheel barrow up the poop in the pens. Hysterical.
They had stickers for the kids that said "I am a sooper dooper pooper scooper". So funny.
Kate & Auntie Bots
We also saw the Pig Races.
The Pig Races were like nothing I have ever seen before.
It was actually really entertaining!
Kate wanted number 3 to win because she is 3. The number 3 pig got last.
Watching these pigs race & jump over hurdles was hysterical.
The pig races were definitely my hightlight.
Strawberry, the winning pig:
Then we headed over to the carnival section.
We watched a clown act.
Clowns=Creepy, so we watched for a few minutes & then Kate wanted to go on a ride:
I love all the colors & smells of the fair.
One of Michael Jackson's rides from Neverland Ranch was at our fair again this year:
I let Kate pick out 2 rides to go on. The first one she picked was the teacups.
She was a little apprehensive at first:
But she ended up LOVING them & didn't want the ride to stop!
Claire was too little to go on the rides, so she just got to watch:
Kate also picked out the "boat" ride.
Her cousin Kyle went with her:
Then it was ice cream time! Kate picked chocolate, of course!
Kate loves chocolate ice cream & asks for it every single day.
Claire picked vanilla!
Claire ate her ice cream cone without making a mess. Kate on the other hand was a hot mess & her ice cream got ALL over her face, arms & clothes!

We had a great time at the Fair & got one more thing checked off our summer list!
It was a great way to kick off the 4th of July weekend!


  1. oh, looks like so much fun...i can't wait to take the kids to the state fair this year, i think they will love the agricultural area and all of the animals!
    have a great weekend!

  2. How fun! The pig races look too funny :) My oldest is ALWAYS the messiest too! ha!
    Have a great weekend!

    Btw, I made the blue cheese & bacon crack or dip :) and it was wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Fun! I always loved going to the fair as a kid! We are going to our local fair in August! Can't wait!

  4. Wow, I wish our fairs were 1/2 as fun as that one! We don't have pig races at ours, for sure!

  5. How much fun, I wish we had a great fair like that nearby this summer! The pooper scooper "attraction" is cracking me up, as are the photos of the ice cream, which the girls obviously enjoyed! :)

  6. Love love love that second fair ride "scene" shot, I want it!!!

  7. Your fair looks so nice! Even the pigs looked clean! Our fair is a bit.... dirty. :/ I will look into it a bit more though, inspired by your post. Maybe there's some fun things I'm missing!

  8. 1. I cannot believe Claire can eat ice cream without making a mess.
    2. Did you bring one of those pigs home because they are really cute?
    3. Did you have to take out a second mortgage on your house to go to the fair? I guess not since you only went on two rides. But I bet that ice cream was $400 and totally worth it.

  9. Awesome pictures as always. I'm not much of a fair fan, but this fair looks like it was a fun time. That pig race was hysterical. And how can Claire eat an ice cream cone with no mess?? My Claire would look like Kate times 10! Too funny. The pics of Kate with her cone were great. Ahh the luxuries of summer. Happy 4th to you guys.

  10. Those pictures are amazing! I wish I knew how to actually use my camera and could take pictures like that. I especially love the pictures of Kate with all the chocolate on her!

  11. oh, it looks like so much fun! i can't wait for our state fair at the end of august. we can walk to it, which is the best and the girls have so much fun!

    I love the pig races too...really cute!



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