Bye-Bye Barbie Phone

About 4 years ago, Kevin and I got new cell phones from Sprint.
I have been a Sprint customer since 1998 (when I first got a cell phone in college).
Every year or so, I will get an email saying I am eligible for a new cell phone (as long as I commit to 2 more years of service, of course)
This is my current phone. I have had it for 4 years. It was free.
Yes, it is pink. (Kevin has the same phone in black)
Yes, people often mistake it for a play phone.
When people see me holding my phone a common question is,
"Is that really your phone? I thought it was Kate & Claire's play phone."

Can't a 30 year old woman have a pink phone?
My friends & neighbors have nick-named it my "Barbie" phone.
Others have called it "the ghetto pink phone"
If you have seen it in person, you know that it is plastic & cheap.
But, as of today, the Barbie phone is no longer my phone.

Introducing my new cell phone:
It slides up & down....
And, it slides side to side.
Perfect for texting.
Did I just say perfect for texting?
That's right ladies & gentlemen...
We FINALLY have a texting plan.
I think Kevin & I are the last people in our generation to have a texting plan.
We have been against texting since it's birth.
I just didn't "get" it.
But, I have realized over the past year that texting is necessary.
Everyone texts.
It is quick, it is easy, it is convenient.
Because we didn't have a texting plan, so everytime someone texted us, it would cost $.10
Everytime we texted someone it would cost us $.20
Not a lot of money, but that adds up after years and years.
So, we finally decided to bite the bullet, enter the 21st Century & add texting to our cell plan.
We will actually be saving money! No more texting charges!
So, to all my friends & family....we will actually text you back when you text us!
And, with our new (free) phone & it's nifty keyboard, it will only take a few seconds to text!
It would honestly take me 5 minutes to text on my Barbie phone.
I am pretty excited about our new phones.
They aren't anything fancy like an iPhone and we did not add internet access to our phones, but it leaps & bounds better than our old phones.

Oh, and the reason for getting new phones?
Let's just say someone (named Kevin) jumped into the pool this weekend with his cell phone in his pocket.
It was the perfect excuse to get new phones.
(and they were free because we hadn't gotten new phones since 2006 & we were eligible for 2 new phones, one for me & one for Kevin)
Of course, I had to commit to 2 more years with Sprint, but hey, I'll do (almost) anything for free stuff!


  1. I just started texting too only after I got my new phone. With my old phone, I couldn't. I called it my "glorified walkie talkie." That was all I could do... walkie and talkie. It was teal blue and worked for me. Then, my hubs got all techy on me. No going back now! But I do love to be able to text. What am I... sixteen or something?

  2. Welcome to the new tech world! Glad you can text!

  3. Congrats on the new phone! I am currently sporting a pink phone from Tmobile and my kids often call it a Barbie phone...thought we were the only ones doing that. :) We also don't text and we were just discussing that when we renew our contract in the spring we NEED to get texting phones so that we aren't the last people on the planet to text!

  4. Love it! You beat us... we do NOT text and are having the same debate. Let me know how you like texting for "free"

  5. Whoo hoo! My husband walked into a pool with his phone one year too! You will love texting because like you said it is so quick and easy. Enjoy!

  6. A girl after my own heart! I have a REALLY old phone too - not Zach Morris or anything but it's still old. It has survived the pool, being dropped, lost some parts, but still works! And texting, you're not the last ones because my husband, nor I text. We get mad when we receive them too because the charges add up. Maybe we'll make it into the new century eventually. We sort of feel like it's a rite of passage or something (:

  7. How fun!! And I love that phone.

    We are waiting till our contract with Verizon is up before we update.. ugh..

    I want to switch because now Verizon charges you DATA fees when you get a phone like yours.. crazy..

    Enjoy the new toys :-)

  8. Yay! I do like the pink one, but you're totally right, you can't really avoid the texting thing anymore. I've been with Verizon for as long as you've been with Sprint, back when they were Air Touch, and every time they tell me I'm eligible for an upgrade I look at my phone and say, "But this one works just fine!"

  9. I'm so sorry for all the texts I sent! :) I will miss the Barbie phone, I must admit. But at least it can still be a fun toy for the girls.

  10. I was laughing out loud b/c I thought that I was reading about myself! I swore that I would NEVER text,thought that it was too impersonal, I've learned that it is great for certain situations, but like you I take five mins. for one line..ha ha! But I'm looking into a new phone too b/c we're eligible. Good luck w/ your new phone!

  11. I used to have that pink phone! I had it from 07-the middle of 08 when it crapped out on me :(

    Enjoy the world of texting! I sent 8000 in one month a couple months ago, Yikes

  12. WOOT! We have Sprint. And my phone is pink. Can we still be friends?

  13. Too funny that pink phone is! Welcome to the world of texting. I used to be so against it too. I also didn't get it. But like you said, everyone texts now and it is convenient at times. My clients even text to book their hair appointments often now! Enjoy your fancy new text plan and new phones. :)

  14. Oh, I love the pink Barbie phone - you MUST keep it for the girls! Your new phone looks like a lot of fun, enjoy your new found texting freedoms!

  15. you're hilarious! before i had a texting plan i would get so annoyed when people would text me with jokes or to say happy MLK day or whatever holiday it was! or i would call everyone back and that would probably annoy them. but now i text a lot! :) have fun!

  16. Oh my goodness! I had the same "Barbie" phone until last Nov.- and now I have the keyboard phone too -because my teenage son felt it was "high time" I start texting! :)

  17. You are adorable. Really wish we could have met before I moved so far away.

    As for texting..I laughed when the guy asked me what texting plan I wanted? I told him, "I'm not 13. I don't text."

    I then proceeded to send over 250 texts in one month.

    Enjoy your plan! And text me anytime...

  18. This is hilarious! I was so mad when my "old school" flip phone broke on me. I was a champ at texting with one hand. :) It's sad that this world has come to text messages and emails, but do you really want to hear my kids screaming in the background while having a conversation? Not really. LOL

  19. Then I must be the last LAST texting holdout, ha ha! I know it's only a matter of time... Enjoy!! (And keep it out of the pool!) :)

  20. okay, i LOVE the pink phone, so please keep it! the girls would love it as a toy, i beat.

    and guess what...no texting plan in this family! i feel really old that we don't have texting as our plan, but the hubby doesn't want it...yet!

    enjoy the new phone!

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I have a pink phone too. It's a blackberry, but I call it my pinkberry. It also has a hot pink cover that goes on it.

  22. Way funny-totally laughing at you and Kevin (in a good way, of course!)! Now that makes sense when I've texted you, you've called back :) Totally forgot about the fact that you had your pink Barbie phone! As I was reading, I thought, "why didn't she get an iPhone?", but you answered that :) Sitting here with my sister and she commented how techy you are (with regard to your designs and such, not your old school phone), but that you didn't have Internet access-maybe that'll be next in 2 years if Sprint gets the iPhone ;)

  23. we just added texting to our plan too! and now, i feel like a 16 year old i do it so often! i can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing! :)

  24. Aw so funny, I just let go of my pink phone last summer, it would light up and play Hannah Montana's I'm a Rock Star when it rang too. I got a little Samsung too and I grew up a bit, and my phone now rings the theme song from The Office.( LOVE that show). We stepped into the 21st century too and got a texting plan my husband was against but guess who texts me the most??



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