Four Generations & Vintage Goodies

Earlier this week we ventured to the Central Valley for a couple days to visit my Grammy.
Here are 4 Generations...Grammy, my mom, me & my two girls.
Grammy will be 99 this October & she still lives by herself!
Grammy is an amazing woman & I am blessed to have her in my life.
Grammy's house is full of vintage goodies.
She has saved so many neat things over the years & still has them at her house.
Remember these old school little people?
As we were leaving, Grammy told me she wanted to give me some things to take home.
She handed me a gift that she had wrapped.
Inside, was an old vintage camera from the 1930's that was my Grandfathers.
The camera is a total antique, it took awhile for me to figure out how to open it:
Once I opened it, I had to turn a little crank & the lens popped out.
This camera is so cool & I will treasure it forever! I wonder if there is vintage film that I could use to see if it still works!
Other vintage goodies she sent me home with were this Old School Ragedy Ann doll. I don't even know how old it is.
And, this awesome yellow chair that used to be my mom's when she was a little girl.
Grammy said it was from a one room school room in Colorado & that is why she wanted me to have it.
This little chair is AWESOME! I can't wait to use it for some photo shoots!
And, don't be surprised if I switch out the paint color of it from time to time!

Here is Grammy with all her great-grandchildren:
To read more about Grammy & see her vintage goodness, click on this post!


  1. Ahhhhhhh!
    Are you kidding me right now with the Little People Camper? I have been looking for one of those (that doesn't cost a fortune!) for a while. I'm envious! : ) I have that boat, too.
    And the camera...what a special gift. That is awesome that your grandma is healthy and able to live alone, what a neat thing to see four generations together like that!

  2. Wow just looking at the photos is a real treat. I love antique toys.

    I have an old camera of my great grandparents it's pretty old my husband was able to make it work and bought black and white film for it.

    Maybe a photo shop can help find the right film? I think it's pretty cheap.

  3. Your grandmother is beautiful :) And what a neat trip down memory lane with those toys!

  4. I am LOVING the vintage goodness. Both stuff & grammy. I adore the chair AS IS. The color is fanatstic!! Both boy & girl. I can see the photo shoots now....
    Happy Summer ;)
    ~Ada in Coastal Cali

  5. Sounds like a nice visit. You look so much like your Mom! I bet you hear that a lot. And all of the vintage goodness, how cool. I used to love those Little People as a kid. I wish my Mom saved all of ours. What a neat gift for your Grandma to give you that camera too. What a thing to treasure. Oh yeah, and love the chair too!

  6. Oh my gosh! How special. If that chair is missing after I leave on thursday, don't worry... it went to a good home.

  7. that camera is so cool!
    and that chair...swoon. i love it!!
    you are a lucky girl.
    your grandmother is so inspiring.

  8. So great. Love her and all that old stuff!

  9. I LOVE the Little People...back when they didn't have arms. Classic. The camera is quite the gem and I know you will treasure it. How sweet to have such a sweet Grammy. Ooh, and you look so much like your mom!

  10. I look forward to your Grammy posts! I love Grammy and I don't even know her! Very cool gifts and even better, to see your Grammy-she is amazing!

  11. Oh how sweet. :) When I was a kid we had 5 generations-- my brothers and I were some seriously spoiled grand children.

    I looked through about a billion thrift shops for a chair like that for Mason's 1 year shoot and couldn't find one. So cool!

  12. What a beautiful group of ladies! I love the pictures! And the old toys...so much fun!

    I can't wait to see what you do with the chair!

  13. awesome camera! so cool.

    We are going to Puerto Moreles, Mexico.. it's between cancun and playa del carmen. We are going to Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa! I can't wait!!

  14. How special...love all the goodies! I had a Raggedy Ann doll :)
    I can not believe how much you, your mom, and sisters look alike! So pretty :)

  15. Hi Mel! Thanks for commenting on my blog-I love yours! I LOVE the picture with 4 generations of women in it. We always try to take pictures like that whenever my family gets together.



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