Retro Babies

My mom (who doesn't save ANYTHING) actually saved one of my baby outfits & she gave it to me after I had Kate. It is a Carter's sleeper from the 1970's. I am quite surprised how it has held up for almost 30 years.

Mel 1979

Kate 2007

Claire 2008


  1. That is SO fun! My mom has one of my old dresses lying around and I'd love to get my hands on it for Miss Maddie. So fun to see. :)

  2. Hey! That's actually pretty cute! Gary's mom sent me home with three of his outfits from 1974... oh man. They aren't really cute at all! I keep meaning to put Brody in them. You've inspired me!

    Your girls are so cute. :)

  3. That is incredible. How special to have it and to have all 3 pictures!



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