Claire's Birth Announcement

Here is Claire's Birth Announcement that I made! I took all the pictures & then made the announcement in Photoshop. I made 6 different announcements for Claire & then had our families vote on them. This was the winner.

Here are the runner-ups:

My new hobby is designing birth announcements & invitations! I started designing invitations earlier this year for fun after I made Kate's 1st Birthday Party invite:

Then I had a couple of friends ask me to design baby shower invitations, so I did some of those in the spring. Then, I moved on to birth announcements this summer! I had 6 friends ask me to design birth announcements this summer. It was SO much fun! Now I am working on our Christmas Card! If you know of anyone who needs an invitation, birth announcement or card, let me know!


  1. Such beautiful cards! I'm awfully impressed...and this coming from a professional photographer's wife! You know what they say...the mechanic never has a running car. Well, we never seem to have the awesome pics around our house that the photonator takes & photoshops for other people! I may have to hire you to do our work...

  2. Wonderful cards!! Katelyn is already One!! Time just flies..



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