Lands End

My November Product of the Month is this great bag my cousin Allison sent me right after Kate was born. It is HUGE & has a zipper top & holds SO much stuff! I think I could fit Kate in one. Alli sent me another one for Claire & it came in the mail on Friday, just in time for our trip to Pebble Beach (that will be a whole new post, I am WAY too tired to blog about it now....)
The bag is from Lands' End and it makes a great new baby gift, birthday or Christmas present! The bags are made of thick canvas and are super sturdy. They come in tons of colors & you can get them personalized (which I love). It has pockets all along the inside. I was able to pack all their clothes, diapers & toys and it all zipped in nicely with room to spare! Mine are the X-Large size.

Thanks Alli for such an awesome & practical gift!


  1. And she packed ALL of that for only 2 nights. Email Lands End to let them know that they should also make an XXX-L!

  2. I still love my Lands End tote after all these years!!!

  3. you CAN fit Kate in it! Check out my blog post:




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