10 on 10 :: November 2008

Here is my 10 on 10 for November. 10 random pictures on the 10th day of the month!

Here is my 10 on 10 for November. 1o random pictures on the 10th day of the month!

This is what I woke up to today. A very sad Kate crying for her "Dada". Kevin had a work thing in Napa today & left the house before 7 am. Kate was obviously sad not to see her Daddy when she woke up and cried "I want Dada" for 5 minutes. It was sad, but cute.

This is what I needed to deal with a crying toddler. Coffee...heaven on earth.

Kate wanted to go potty. She didnt go potty, but had fun sitting on it & reading for about 10 minutes.

Kate on our way to the mall..I took the girls Christmas shopping today!

Kate when we got home from the mall...shopping is hard work!
Having fun with Claire when Kate was napping:
I cleaned out my closet & organized it while Kate & Claire were napping. My clothes are organized by color & by season. I am a dork :)

Kate carrying up the mail from the mailbox.
Filling up with gas today..SO excited to see gas for cheap! Who knew I could be so happy to fill up the Tahoe for under $70??

Kev and I watched our beloved 49ers on Monday night football tonight. They lost (not surprised) to the Arizona Cardinals. It was a great game. 

Kevin looks a lot like Arizona quaterback Kurt Warner, don't you think? It is his celebrity look alike!


  1. I almost did a gas price pic yesterday, our price is better than y'alls though lol. It was a lot of fun, I'm glad I saw it done on your blog. And, yes I read a lot. A lot lot lol

  2. I love your "10 on 10" posts! The gas prices make me excited too!! My van is about $35 to fill now!! Gas was $1.92 when I went out this morning! Your girls are so beautiful Mel and I just love what a happy baby Claire is, you can see it in her pics!

  3. How funny is that picture of Kate on the little potty! I love it! And I organize my closet by color too :)



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