Bath Time Fun!

This is what I saw when I the girls & I returned home from Target & I took the girls out of their car seats. They had both had MAJOR diaper blowouts on the car ride home. It is only a 5 minute drive! It was not a pretty sight. Kate wasn't phased at all. Good thing Kevin was home when I got home! We stripped them down & it was time for a bath! You can barely tell from the picture above, but the poo oozing down Claire's leg, AND it was half way up her back...good times!

Seriously, this girl has some hair!
Yes, Kate is still taking a bath in the baby bath tub on top of our bathroom counter top.
I never would have guessed we would get this much use out of it!
She loves it & still fits in it, so it works for us!
Kate loves it when we do her hair like this during bath time. We call her Sputnik.


  1. Kate is soooo funny! That first pic with her butt soaking wet she is just smiling away!! Love the Sputnik hair too!! Claire has hair a lot like Cara's!! So gorgeous!

  2. But you handle the blowouts so well! Grin. I love the first pic. Your family reminds me of my own about 7 years ago!

  3. Kate's face is classic in this pic! It's as if she is laughing at you!! Ha!



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