Lumberjack Luke turns 6!

Last week Luke turned 6 and we celebrated with a  Lumberjack Party!
 He originally said he wanted a camping themed birthday, but that morphed into a Lumberjack party.
The party was held at our house...The Larson Log Cabin ;)
 I labeled the Bathroom as the Outhouse :)
 I kept the decorations pretty simple for this party.
 On my kitchen island I had appetizers/snacks and the drinks.
The drink station was called TheWatering Hole:
 We served Forestry Fruit Punch & Lumberjack Lemonade.
 Don't feed the bears....aka Teddy Grahams
 Kate and I had fun making the campfires. We put pretzel sticks in the cups and then she put yellow, red & orange M&M's in each one.
They turned out really cute :)
 One of my favorite parts about parties is thinking of names for the snacks.
 I got the pine trees at Hobby Lobby and the pine cones from our yard in Tahoe.
On our kitchen table I had our dessert table.
I got the Birthday Banner & the Garland at Hobby Lobby.
The Dessert Table is one of my very favorite things to do at parties.
We had "Forest Berries"which are the Fruit Puffs.
 I make these for every party :)
 We had Deer Poop
 And Bear Poop (Milk Duds)
We had Wood Stumps (Brownie Bites)
 I got the wood stump platter HERE.
Luke loves S'mores, so I made S'mores on a stick.
 I got Jumbo Marshmallows, put them on a wodden skewere, dipped them in melted chocolate & then crushed graham crackers.
 I got the cute Buffalo Plaid plates at a local party store:
And, the main event of the Dessert Table....the cake!
 If you've read my blog for awhile, you know my mother in law makes amazing cakes for my kids birthdays.
Luke wanted his cake to look like a wood stump with an axe going through it.
 It turned out AMAZING!
 The Happy Birthday bunting is from Hobby Lobby.
 Greenery & trees also from Hobby Lobby...good thing they already had Christmas stuff out. 
Normally it's a pet peeve of mine, but it worked out in our favor this year. LOL!
 I got the axe HERE.
 She made the "bark" by melting chocolate and then putting it in the fridge in between wax paper.
Luke wanted his party to be a pool party, so we had Lake Larson for the kids to swim in  :)
 Most of the moms stayed at the party, but I also hired a lifeguard to keep an extra watch on the pool.
 Another activity that Luke wanted at his party was to have a "Fishing Pond"
 We made a fishing pole out of a stick & some string and then the boys "fished" from behind the bar counter and Kate & Claire attached a "prize"

Each kid got to fish twice and one prize was goldfish crackers & the other was a squirt gun.
It was a cute game.

For dinner, Luke wanted to have chips, pizza & watermelon.
We had regular potato chips and BBQ chips.
Such an easy meal!
 After dinner the kids swam some more and then it was cake time!
 Can't believe my baby is SIX!
 My mother in law surprised us and when we cut the cake, we realized she had made the inside look like Buffalo Plaid to match the theme!!!
 Pictures don't even do it justice. It was so neat!
 Luke was obsessed with the axe...it was hysterical. Don't worry it was a foam axe :)
 The boys ended the party jumping on the trampoline. Boys have a lot of energy!
 As usual, the party favors were cookies! 
I got the cookies HERE
They were a plaid shirt, wood 6, Redwood tree & a saw.
 You know I love cheesy puns/signs to go with the theme :)
Luke's Party was really fun & he had so much fun celebrating with his buddies!

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Now, it's time to start working on Claire's birthday party which is in less than a month!
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Naomi D. 
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  1. I LOVE your party posts!!! I wish you lived closer, so you could help me with my kids' parties. Your parties are always so cute, yet simple & not extremely over the top. I try to keep it simple, but it never looks as good as yours :) Super cute party & can't wait to see what you have in store for Claire's party!!!!

  2. I love your party posts, so many cute details - was eagerly awaiting this one! This one is so cute and unique - up there with your Cowgirl themed party! Love your MIL’s cake - hats off to her, I was gonna ask what the flavour was, so cool and lovely reveal later in your post! Well done Mel, I like how it has details but it easily achievable - so fun!
    - Kate

  3. Your MIL's cakes are THE BEST. She should go into business if she hasn't already. You always have the very best birthday parties! You should totally be a party planner.

  4. YOU ARE THE PARTY QUEEN and I bow down to you! LOL What a fabulous party!! and the cake!!! AMAZING!!

  5. Your MIL did a fantastic job on the cake. Love the party theme and all the fun words you came up with for the food.

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