Stranded {Christmas Movies}

Today I'm linking up with Shay & Erika for STRANDED!
Today's topic is:
 What 3 Christmas movies would you bring?
  I LOVE Christmas movies!

This is me all of December:

I have SO many Hallmark Christmas movies on my DVR & love watching other Christmas movies as well. Since I can only bring 3 Christmas movies with me, here are the ones I chose....these are ones that we watch Every.Single.December without fail. We own them all (I linked to the DVD's to them...they are all around $6 and you can get them with free shipping!)

I LOVE both of these. They are a Christmas staple. I watch them EVERY SINGLE December.

I know this is 2 movies, but I am only counting it as one :)
We showed our kids Home Alone & Home Alone 2 for the first time a few days ago. All 3 kids LOVED them and thought they were so funny.
Elf....Such a great movie. We haven't showed this to our kids yet, but Kevin and I watch it every year.
 I think our girls could watch it this year...maybe next year. Love this movie....so funny!

This is my all time favorite Christmas movie. It never gets old. I laugh every time.
It doesn't feel like Christmas time until I have watched Christmas Vacation. 
Our kid have definitely not watched this movie yet....not for a few more years.

So, there you have it.... My top 3 movies that I would bring if I were stranded.
Disclaimer....I would only watch these movies from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas day because I have a no Christmas until after Thanksgiving rule ;)
A few years ago, I did a post on my Top 10 favorite Christmas movies...you can check it out HERE

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What 3 Christmas movies would you bring? What are your favorites?
I can't wait to hear! I love Christmas movies :)


  1. Thanks for joining us on the island, Mel!! I'm so glad you'll be there. :)

  2. No Christmas movies until after thanksgiving. Yes!!


  3. I agree with all your movie picks. I adore Elf with the kids. If you have never seen The Family Man, you definitely need to. I have a feeling you would adore it!

  4. I haven't watched Christmas Vacation since I was a little kid. I'm sure it would be a lot funnier now! Making your brownies this weekend!

  5. Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, and The Holiday.

  6. You sound a lot like my 21 yoa step-daughter. She's a Christmas fanatic too. I watch A Christmas Story every year. I also like Elf.



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