Stranded {Movie Edition}

Today I'm linking up with Shay & Erika for  STRANDED!

What 3 movies would you bring?

Well, let me just say I love that I can watch movies on this deserted island :)

This was hard for me to decide.....there are so many movies I love!
I knew I wanted movies that I LOVE and that I can watch over and over and over again without getting sick of them.
I knew that I would want to watch movies that are comedies, because if I am stranded on an island I want to be laugh and not watch something dramatic or emotional.

You've Got Mail
This is probably one of my most favorite movies EVER.
Yes, I know it is cheesy, but I love it.
I have seen probably over 100 times.
I never get sick of watching it.

Office Space
If you have ever worked in an office, you need to see this movie!
It is one of the first movies Kevin and I watched when we were dating.
He even bought me the VHS tape of it ;)
This movie is a classic.

My Best Friends Wedding

Another movie I have probably seen over 100 times.
I think my college roommate and I watched this at least once a week our freshman year of college.
Julia Roberts is one of my all time favorite actresses.

Honorable Mention:
Mrs. Doubtfire has a soft spot in my heart...another movie I just love.
I am bias because they filmed part of this movie in my town and after filming one night we got to meet Sally Field, Robin Williams & Pierce Brosnon.

The night we met him after filming:

After Robin Williams passed away, I blogged about meeting him & Sally Field HERE
It was such a great night & makes watching that movie even more special.

Other movies that I am wish I could bring, but couldn't since I can only bring 3:

13 Going on 30
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Sweet Home Alabama
Steel Magnolis
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Pitch Perfect
27 Dresses
Meet the Parents
Dumb & Dumber
Bad Moms
Waiting for Gufman
(Have you seen this movie? It is ridiculous & SO incredibly funny. It's a mock-u-mentary...it cracks me up! Same writers of the movie Best in Show)

I am sure I am forgetting some other great movies, but all the movies I have listed I own (except for Bad Moms)

As you can tell from my list, I like Chick Flicks :)
A few years ago, I blogged my Top 10 favorite Chick Flicks {HERE}

Side Note...I didn't list any Christmas movies as movies I would bring because I have a FIRM rule about Christmas movies....I can only watch them the day after Thanksgiving up until Christmas Day. 
Yes, I am one of those people ;) But, if I happened to be stranded during that time period, I would for sure want to bring  Christmas Vacation or Home Alone. 2 of my favorite Christmas movies :)

If you want to know my Top 10 Christmas Movies, I blogged about them {HERE}

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 What 3 movies would you bring?!?! 


  1. Good movies! You've Got mail is one of my favorites too!

  2. Great choices! I was just watching You've Got Mail the other night for the 500th time :)

  3. I never get sick of watching You've Got Mail... definitely a favorite of mine. I also used to watch One Fine Day. So good!

  4. I absolutely LOVE You've Got Mail. Looks like from your list, we have the same taste in movies. Good choices!

  5. LOVE these choices! You've Got Mail is such a classic! I've seen it a bazillion times, too! I worked at the movie theater when that came out and I have the best memories from the night it opened, so it holds a special place in my heart along with What Women Want and Miss Congeniality. Christmas 1998!!

  6. Love You've Got Mail and Mrs. Doubtfire!! Of course I love My Best Friend's Wedding too! Such great picks!

  7. We have many of the same favorite movies but I have to say I LOVE office space!!

  8. I love Mrs. Doubtfire- we just watched it with the kids this weekend. "It was a run by fruiting!" and my son loves, "I do a great impression of a hot dog!" :)

  9. You've Got Mail...I love that movie. Your list is GREAT!

  10. I have the same rule about Christmas movies. Oh how you listed some goodies that I had forgotten about. My Best Friends Wedding is such a classic and ironically it is my Best Friends favorite too, lol.

  11. Oh my gosh, yes to all of these!! Especially you've got mail, office space and mrs doubtfire!! I can't believe you met them after filming, very very cool!

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