10 Movies I love watching during Christmas

Once Thanksgiving is over, I am in full Christmas mode and Kevin & I watch Christmas movies almost every night.
Some of my favorite movies to watch are Hallmark Christmas movies. They are so cheesy, but I just love them!!!
If I'm not watching a Hallmark Christmas movie, then I am watching one of these Christmas movies (we own all of these DVD's)
Here are 10 movies that I love watching during the Christmas season:
(I've linked all the DVD's...all of them are under $10 and free 2 day shipping!)

10. Polar Express (I love this movie & own it, but our girls haven't seen it yet)

9. The Family Stone (Dysfunctional Christmas.....fun cast)

8. Frosty the Snowman (this was my FAVORITE Christmas cartoon as a kid, now my girls love it as well)
7. The Grinch (Jim Carrey version)

6. The Family Man (We watch this every Thanksgiving night to kick off the Christmas season)

5. Serendipity (This movie started my love affair with NYC during Christmas. I NEED to go to NYC during Christmas. My sisters & I did go to the actual Serendipity 10 years ago when we did 9-11 relief and we got the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate. So good. Want to go back!)

4. A Christmas Story (This plays 24 hours all night long on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. Every Christmas Eve night, we keep the TV on in our room so that we can watch it, even in the middle of the night.)

3. Home Alone & Home Alone 2
I LOVE both of these. They are a Christmas staple. I watch them EVERY SINGLE December.

 2. Elf....Such a great movie. It was almost my number 1. So many great lines in this movie.

1. Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation
This is my favorite Christmas movie. It never gets old. I laugh every time.
So, there you have it. My top 10 movies that I love watching during the Christmas season.
Not on my list include all the made for TV Christmas movies that I have DVR'd from the Lifetime/Hallmark/ABC Family channels. That deserves it's own post. Ha! 
I LOVE the cheesy Lifetime/Hallmark movies...as soon as December 1st hits, I start filling up our DVR with cheesy Christmas movies...the cheesier the better!

Are there any movies that I don't have on my list that I should? I would love to hear your favorites!

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  1. That is a good list. My favorite Christmas movie is It's a Wonderful Life. Unfortunately my husband cannot stand that movie so I tend to watch it alone each year.

  2. Such an beautiful taste you have in X-mas movies. I really love all the movies which you have posted here...Merry Christmas to you in advance.

  3. The fact that you don't have The Holiday or Love Actually on your list might mean we can't be friends. You better watch both of those ASAP...I really want to be your friend! :)

  4. It's a wonderful list. You have to see Love Actually and It's a wonderful life asap!!!

  5. I love Serendipity!! And I would also add Love Actually and The Holiday.

  6. It is simply not Christmas without Scrooged!

  7. I agree Polar Express is one of my favorite movies. I tear up a little at the end every time!
    And I haven't seen Family Guy in forever. I think I may have to watch that soon!

  8. You listed all my very favs! We watch Christmas Vacation ever Christmas eve after we put the kids to bed and A Christmas Story is the movie I remember watching with my family over and over again. I love all the memories these movies bring back year after year :)
    Merry Christmas!

  9. I have already tackled most of those movie on your list this year! They are my faves as well. I LOVE the family stone! And Home Alone never gets old!

  10. You have to add Love Actually. That is our go-to holiday movie. The other one we added was The Holiday.

  11. I love all of these but I have not seen the Family Stone. Everyone keeps posting it as a favorite so I must check it out.

    This is oldie but my hubby and I love Beautiful Girls. Not so much xmas but wintery and just seems like a winter movie!

  12. We love every single one of these! Our list is nearly identical. :) But we add in the classics: It's a wonderful life, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Miracle on 34th st {the B/W one, although we watch the new one too}. My kids love the classic Grinch as the new one scares them. ha. And of course, Charlie Brown Christmas. We keep meaning to get the Muppet Christmas as well....

    Big hugs xoxo

  13. I love all three of the Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen! If you haven't seen them, I would highly recommend them!

  14. Elf is our family's number one Christmas movie!!! SO LOVE THAT MOVIE!! It's followed closely by Barbie and the Nutcracker (if your girl's haven't watched this you NEED to watch it as a family...it's surprising how wholesome some of those Barbie movies really are). And even though it isn't a Christmas movie per say, we always watch Sound of Music during the Holidays. With all of that said, It's a Wonderful Life is just one of those that you can't let the Christmas Season go by without watching. As for Hallmark movies...have you seen 12 Dates of Christmas?

    Thanks for the other good ideas...it will be tough to choose for family movie night tomorrow night : )

    Merry Christmas to you and yours,

  15. I love all those movies. My favorite is Its A Wonderful Life

  16. The girls would LOVE Arthur's Christmas. It is AWESOME.

  17. I second the nomination for The Santa Clause! It really portrays the magical feeling of Christmas well. My family watches it every year many times, starting on Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing your great list :-)

  18. I second the nomination for The Santa Clause! It really portrays the magical feeling of Christmas well. My family watches it every year many times, starting on Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing your great list :-)

  19. love this list! it's so hard to pick a favorite...I had completely forgotten about Family Man, such a good movie!

  20. We love The Grinch too!!!

  21. love all these movies especially in the christmas season! new follower from the mixer :)

  22. Hi Mel! This is my first time visiting, and I really love your blog! Your header looks really professional and the design is spot-on. Home Alone is one of my absolute holiday faves. In fact, we watched H.A. II the other night, and my husband had to shush my laughter so I wouldn't awaken the baby. Thanks for linking up with the Mommy-Brain Mixer. Please check to be sure you've linked up a specific post next week. Looks like this week your link went to your homepage. No big deal though. Thanks for joining us!



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