Stranded {Outerwear Edition}

Today I'm linking up with Shay & Erika for STRANDED!
Today's topic is:
 What 3 outerwear items would you bring?

 After last night's election results, I am assuming half our country wants to move to Canada, so for this Stranded, I am going to assume you need winter wear for Canada rather than items for a tropical island :)

I would bring are my UGGS. 
I have 4 pair :)

Kevin got me these ones almost 10 years ago when I was pregnant with Kate:

I have these ones {HERE}
 I wear them all the time during winter. 
My next pair were these ones {HERE}:
Then a few years ago, I got these {HERE}:
 And, I also got these {HERE}

I really like these ones {HERE} because they can be tall or short.
Aren't they cute? I like the gray and the black.
I need an UGG intervention. Ha!
 I have gotten 4 pairs in the last 10 years, but they are just so cozy & don't wear out....even after 10 years....plus did you know you can get Ugg replacement insoles?
Yep! They are awesome & only $15! Get them HERE.

I figure that Uggs will be perfect for nighttime when your feet need a break from the sand. Plus, when you walk around on the sand in your Uggs, your Uggs won't get sand in them because they are taller boots. And, of course you can spray THIS water & stain protectant on your Uggs so that if they get water on them, they will be protected! 
 I LOVE this stuff!

I love vests. They are the perfect layering piece.
I have had THIS vest for several years (I have it in black, but it comes in several colors.

I love black outerwear because it goes with everything!

What I love about this vest is that you can have the fur on the hood or you can unzip the fur out of the hood, so it's like 2 looks in one. 
I also like the cream/white color:

Right you can get it on sale for 40% off with code MORETIME

Ever since I lived in Colorado for college, I have become a fan of North Face.
They have the best jackets. I have several North Face jackets/vests and I love them.

I got one like THIS several years ago & love that it is light weight, but keeps you warm. I use it here in the Bay Area & also when we go to Tahoe (comes in tons of colors)

I also have a longer one like THIS one (comes in several colors, I have black)

If you want a thinner, longer one....THIS is a new style that just came out (also comes in several colors)

So, there you have it....3 of my essential outwear items if you were stranded somewhere in the winter....or if you are moving to Canada.

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What 3 Outwear items would you bring?


  1. Still in shock over the election....thanks to this post I am doing some retail therapy & buying myself some things to stay warm this winter! I love UGGS & have 2 pairs. I've been eyeing a North Face jacket....so cute!

  2. Girl, you had me at Uggs! I LOVE those things so much!! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Gap changed their puffer vest this year if you haven't tried on a new one, they're awful. I really would love a great puffer vest with a hood but I'm having a hard time finding one.



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