Kate's Roller Skating Party!

We had Kate's 9th Birthday Party on Saturday...her actual birthday!
She wanted her party on her actual birthday, so that is what we did!
Last year after her Pizzeria 8th birthday party, she immediately knew that this year she wanted a Roller Skating Birthday Party, so that is what we did!
We have a Roller Skating Rink about 5 minutes from our house...it's where I had my 10th birthday!
They have party rooms there, but Kate didn't want to do the party room (thankfully!) She wanted to come back to our house after roller skating & have pizza and cake here at our house. I was more than happy to do that....I LOVE having the parties here at our house! 
Here is the invite: 
 The girls met us at the Roller Skating Rink and we skated for 2 hours.
I knew the girls would be hungry/thirsty while skating, so I made them snack/treat bags to have there.
Each treat bag had these goodies inside:
Bag of kettle corn, water bottle, Glo bracelet & necklace, Tootsie Rolls & a Fruit Roll Up:
The tootsie ROLL & fruit ROLL up were all because we were ROLLer Skating....you know I love a theme ;)
I made name tags for each bag so the girls would know which bag was for them.
My 9 year old ready to skate & party!
Look what shirt I found last week? Perfect for her party!

We skated for 2 hours. Kate wanted me to skate with her & her friends, so you better believe I did!! 
Who doesn't love roller skating? So fun!
After Roller Skating it was time to head back to our house for pizza, cake & a disco dance party!
Here are the decorations for the party:
 ..Kate wanted the colors to be purple, pink, aqua, lime green, black & silver:
After every party I throw, I save the supplies, so I had TONS of these paper lanterns (aka: disco balls) so I just re-used them for this party:
I loved how these looked:
You know I love a dessert table. I kept this one pretty simple:
I had sugar cookie fruit puffs:
  I made the food labels & toppers to match her invite:
We also had fruit salad that I put in individual cups:
 How cute are these roller skate toppers?
And, of course the amazing cake that my mother in law made...Kate helped her and they did an AWESOME job!
The KATE is rice krispy treats covered in aqua frosting & the laces are sour straws.
The wheels are mini-bagels with frosting covering them & a big marshmallow in the middle.
Kate wanted the cake to match the green roller skate from the invite. She wanted the white polka dots to be mini marshmallows. I love her creativity!
We both love a dessert table :)
Other details:
I also set up some food & drinks on my island:
 I had mason jars & fun straws for the girls to use:
I think my favorite part of the decorations was the little light show I had going on the ceiling!
Our neighbors have THIS. We call it the baby party rocker. I borrowed it for Kate's party. It is so little, I just put it on the island & it lit up the ceiling. It is also a blue tooth speaker & you can connect it to your phone & it plays music also. It was so perfect for the party. You can get it HERE.

For dinner, Kate wanted pizza
After pizza we had our disco dance party. The party rocker was awesome at night!
The girls still had their glo necklaces & bracelets from roller skating, so it was a full on glowing dance party.
So much fun. And, so loud! LOL!
Then it was time for cake!
Happy 9th Birthday Kate!
For favors, I did my usual....cookies from our local bakery.
They turned out really cute:
Kate loved her party, she said her favorite part was roller skating & the disco dance party!
 Can't believe she is 9 years old!!!

Here are Kate's birthday parties throughout the years:

To see ALL the parties & showers I have thrown, you can click the Parties tab above or just click {HERE}

 This was actually one of the easier parties I have thrown. I was done with all the party prep at 9pm the night before....usually I am up until 1 or 2 in the morning! 

See you back here tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday!

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  1. Such a cute party! Happy 9th Kate!

  2. What a great birthday for her!!! You made it look beautiful too!

    liz @ j for joiner

  3. oh my gosh! You throw the best birthday parties! So stinking cute! Am I too old for a rollerskating party!?

  4. As usual you threw an amazing party!

  5. What a cute birthday party, I love a good theme! Did you print all of those things for the food? My first thought...that's a lot of black ink...I always wonder how people do that. Happy 9th birthday! Another smashing success!

  6. What a great birthday for her!!! You made it look beautiful too!

  7. Great Post! Thanks for sharing such beautiful information with us.

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