BBQ Chicken Pizza + a Life Changing Tip!

Pizza is my favorite food. 
I could eat it everyday.
A few weeks ago I got THIS pizza maker.
(It's on major sale right now!!!)

To say that we are obsessed with it is an under statement. 
We have been making pizza for dinner 1-2 times a week since we got it! 
I have been experimenting with different pizza toppings/recipes and there have been some REALLY good ones!
So, once a month, I am going to share a new pizza recipe with you!
You don't need the pizza maker (you can use your oven) but I am letting you know that using this pizza maker gives your pizza an authentic pizzeria taste! 
To kick off my new Pizza Series, I am sharing one of my all time favorite pizza recipes:
This is also known as copycat California Pizza Kitchen BBQ chicken pizza.
Here is what you need:
- 1 or 2 chicken breasts, cooked & shredded (depends on how much chicken you want on your pizza)
- Pizza Dough ( I always use the pre-made ball of dough from Trader Joes or Safeway. It's only $1.50)
- Shredded Cheese (for this pizza I use a blend of mozzeralla & cheddar)
- BBQ sauce (your favorite brand!)
- Red onions, sliced
- Cilantro, chopped

If you use pre made dough, I keep the dough in the bag for 30 minutes at room temperature.
While the dough is sitting out for 30 minutes, I get the shredded chicken ready.
You can actually barbecue 2 chicken breasts, but I have a method that is SO.MUCH.EASIER!
I boil the frozen chicken breasts for about 15 minutes (until they are cooked!)
After 15 minutes I take out one of the chicken breasts & cut it in half to make sure it is cooked all the way through. No one wants under cooked chicken! YUCK!
 I put them in my kitchen aid while they are still warm & using the paddle attachment, I turn it on and it SHREDS the chicken in less than a minute!!!!! 
Check it out!!!!!
I don't know about you, but cutting up chicken grosses me out, so using this method is LIFE CHANGING. 
Yes, LIFE CHANGING. Shredding chicken without touching it is Life Changing in my opinion ;)

Then I take about 1-2 cups of the shredded chicken & add it to a bowl with BBQ sauce:
Add as much BBQ sauce as you need to fully coat your chicken. I LOVE BBQ sauce, so I add a lot.
While my chicken is boiling, I also slice the onions:
Chop the cilantro:
After the dough has sat out for 30 minutes, I divide the dough into 2 equal parts so that you can make 2 pizzas.
I made a plain cheese for my kids & the BBQ chicken pizza for Kevin & I.
 Knead your dough....
Then, on a lightly floured surface, roll out your dough:
My kids LOVE helping with this part, even Luke. He is surpsingly good at rolling out dough. Maybe he will be a chef when he grows up!
 Then, I take a piece of parchment paper & place the dough on this.
For this pizza maker, you DON'T need to use parchment, you can put it right on the pizza stone, but I don't have a pizza peel....yet. Maybe for Valentine's Day Kevin....Hint hint ;)
Because I don't have a pizza peel, I have no way of getting the pizza off the stone without burning myself, so I just use parchment paper & it works just fine!
Also, if you bake this in the oven on a cookie sheet, I would use parchment paper so the dough doesn't stick to your cookie sheet.
Add some BBQ sauce to your pizza dough & then add the cheese:
Add the sliced red onions:
Then add the shredded BBQ chicken:
Look at all this yumminess:
Bake in your preheated pizza oven for 9 minutes. This is what the pizza oven looks like inside:
You can adjust the settings to if you have thick crust or thin crust. I am all about thick crust :)
There is a little window so you can look at your pizza as it cooks:
If you don't have this pizza oven, you can bake on a cookie sheet in your oven at 450 degrees for 15-18 minutes (depending on how thick your crust is)
All done & out of the pizza oven:
Now, add the chopped up cilantro. 
I am not a HUGE fan of cilantro, but I LOVE it on this pizza:
This makes a 12 inch pizza. Slice into pieces:
Kevin said this was one of the BEST pizzas he has ever had.
It honestly tastes like it is from a pizzeria!
I hope you love this recipe as much as we do!
I'm so excited about sharing more pizza recipes with you this year!

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Happy Friday & Happy Pizza Night!


  1. Seriously? Shredded chicken from frozen chicken breasts in about twenty minutes? Without touching it? This is indeed life changing!! I hate touching chicken in any form...raw, cooked, cubed, alive with feathers etc...I'm trying this technique this weekend!

  2. We're making BBQ chicken pizza tonight too! I LOVE to make pizza on the BBQ ever since trying it once a couple months back. It tastes SO much better than the oven and gives it a great flavor!

  3. CPK BBQ Chicken Pizza is my all time favorite! Can't wait to make this.
    I think I need that pizza maker.

  4. That crust looks AMAZING! We are HUGE homemade pizza lovers around here, so this little kitchen gadget would get a ton of use in my house. :)

  5. Oh my goodness! That looks so good! And I feel like you had several life changing tips in this post. I've never bought dough at Trader Joe's before...must rectify that ASAP!

  6. Just ordered the pizza oven, I am defiantly making this this week.

  7. I've never tried BBQ chicken pizza, but it looks good!

  8. That Kitchen Aid tip is actually life changing!!! My brother needs a pizza maker. I am convinced. And this is on sale...so I need one too, right??



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