Get Pin-Spired #10

Here we go, our 10th Pin-spired link up!

It's November 1st....that means Fall is in full force!
If you know me, you know I LOVE FALL.
And, Fall has finally hit Nor Cal. Most of October was really warm, in the 80's, but the last week the temperatures have dropped and I have finally been able to bust out the jeans, boots & scarves.

Boots! Jeans! Sweaters! Scarves!
 Love, love, love, love!

I have 4 Pin-Spired Outfits for you this month.

Outfit #1
Green pants, Stripe shirt, Denim jacket & Pink Statement Necklace
Original Pin:
 My outfit:
 Birds Eye View:
I LOVED this outfit! It was fun & bright. Would have never put it together if it weren't for Pinterest.
And, I had everything in my closet! Yay!
Outfit #2
Black Shirt,  Pants & Heels with a Statement Necklace
Original Pin:
 My Outfit:

Close up of Necklace:
 This was another outfit that I had in my closet & was able to pull together. 
I wore this a few weekends ago when I went to San Francisco for the night with some of the girls on my street. It was the perfect outfit for going to dinner & a show in the city!

Outfit #3
Black Pants, Denim Shirt, Brown Boots & Mustard Scarf
Original Pin:
I was immeditately drawn to this outfit. Probably because I recognized the mountains in the background... Boulder, Colorado. My college stomping grounds. I was also drawn to the mustard scarf. LOVE my mustard scarf. I knew that I could easily re-create this outfit. I had everything in my closet with this outfit also! 
 My outfit:

Close up:
Loved this outfit. So comfy & cute.

Outfit #4
Plaid Shirt & Scarf
Original Pins:

 I got a plaid shirt last Fall, but had only worn it once. I felt to much like a lumberjack when I wore it. I loved the shirt, but couldn't figure out how I wanted to style it. I knew it had potential to be a super cute outfit. I searched Pinterest to see how people wore their plaid shirts & I knew I needed to wear it with a scarf, skinny jeans & boots. 
My outfit:
 Shirt * Jeans * Boots * Earrings * Scarf (years ago in the juniors BP section!)
This is a perfect Saturday outfit for running errands or going to Kate's soccer game. I love how adding the scarf & some dangling earrings makes the outfit more feminine. I have a feeling I will be wearing this shirt  A LOT more than just once a year! This is a better weekend look than my hoodie & UGGS that I normally wear! :)

So, there you have it! Thank you Pinterest for helping me use clothes I already have to mix & match new outfits!

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  1. Aren't you so excited that it's November?!?! I am!! I love your November looks (and totally want to steal that scarf from you!).

  2. I love these looks! The handmade pink flower necklace is so beautiful in look #1! The mustard scarf & denim is a perfect combo. And you look gorgeous in plaid!!

  3. MEL! You always do such a good job with all your looks! This time #4 is my favorite! And I love that yellow scarf!

  4. You always nail your looks! Absolutely fabulous! Loving the plaid shirt look! It just screams Fall!

  5. Love the all black. Very elegant. I also just love that a lot of these items are affordable! Thanks for showing well put together outfits that don't break the bank!

  6. I'm loving your 3rd look! I'm going to use that same look for inspiration on how to style my boots, black jeans, and denim shirt. Great job-all your looks are awesome!

  7. Great job recreating! My favorite was the all black. This could be casual or dressy. :-)

  8. Love all the looks!! You wore them all really well... #3 is totally 100% my style!! Love it!

  9. I always love all your outfits you put together. They always look great, and they aren't complicated!!! Have a great Friday!!!

  10. I really love all 4 of your looks this month! You totally pulled off the all black look. So chic. And I love that mustard scarf! I need one of those in my life!

  11. you are not supposed to look this good after so many babies.
    stop it.

    or come here and dress me. i am pin-thetic.

  12. That all black number is SO chic. I can't wait to style my plaid shirt from Target, thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Good outfits. They will definitely give me some ideas as I am not the best at putting clothes together… :)

    Min x


  14. Great looks! My favorite is the 2nd one :) Perfect date night look!

  15. I adore your plaid look, so cute! I hope you are enjoying your fall so far!


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