Five on Friday {November Edition}

Happy Friday!
I did 5 on Friday a few months ago & thought I would join in again!
This cute kid is now 15 months old.
He's such a little man now.
I mean seriously.....how did he get so big?
We had his 15 month check up this week.
26 lbs 10 oz & 32 inches tall
He is 90th percentile for both height & weight!
His build is so different than the girls. They are 10th percent in weight & 50th for height.
Luke might just be a football player one day. He is a beast!
He is currently getting teeth 13, 14, 15 & 16. (All his eye teeth) They just broke through...Let's just say the last 2 weeks have been brutal at night, he keeps waking up.
Seriously. This kid is the best.

Did you hear what the city of San Francisco did today?
They transformed the city into Gotham for 5 year old, Miles.
He has been battling leukemia since he was 18 months old and his wish for the Make A Wish Foundation was to be a Batman for the day.
Over 12,000 people volunteered to help make this wish happen.
They shut down several parts of the city for this kid.
The San Francisco Chronicle printed off a Special Edition of the paper:
 SO inspiring. I am so proud to be from the Bay Area...Way to go San Francisco.
My faith in humanity is totally restored after today's event.
You have got to read about it & see the photos.
Read about it HERE.
See video HERE & photos HERE.
Prepare to shed some tears, I did :)
The Bay Area has gone Bat Kid Crazy....even Luke got into the Bat Spirit.

Between watching BatKid coverage all afternoon & watching Parenthood Season 4 tonight, today I have cried all the tears.
My mom keeps pestering me about what I want for Christmas. I finally texted her back the other days saying I want another pair of UGGS. She reads the blog (Hi, Mom!) Here are some UGGS that I like:

But what color? Either the gray or black.

I also REALLY like:

Again, can't decide the color....either chestnut or gray.

I have {THESE} ones in both oatmeal & chocolate brown but they are several years old & losing their coziness, so it's time for a new pair for Christmas :)

Which ones would you get & which color?
Decisions, decisions!

On Sunday, we had our family photos done by Monika McSweeney Photography.
Her 13 year old daughter came along & made a little video of the photoshoot.
LOVE it.

Be sure and come back this Monday....I will be announcing the winner of the Rodan + Fields Giveaway (Enter HERE by Sunday night!)
And, also on Monday..... myself & 9 other bloggers are doing a super fun Black Friday Giveaway! You won't want to miss it!
 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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  2. The video of the photoshoot is so cute. Great Family. Kisses from Italy.

  3. LOVE the cute video! Your outfits coordinate so well!

  4. Oh my gosh, you guys are the cutest! That bench was perfect, and Kevin is totally the fun dad!

  5. That video is seriously the cutest thing ever. It is so fun to see you guys in action - and we have the same headband dilemma with Alexa that you had with Claire - I am constantly pushing it back on her head!

  6. That video was the cutest!!!!!!!! So awesome to have that. Looks like your pics will be cute. :)

    My cousin's wife was there to see bat kid. So cool!! She posted a rad video on if yesterday of him getting out of the bat mobile. Totally heart warming story.

  7. Ps- I have the sweater Uggs in black and never wear them. And I have the bailey boot in grey and I wish I bought chestnut. ;)

  8. What an awesome wish for Batkid!
    The video is adorable--I loved it!

  9. LOVE the video. It is always fun to see the real fun that comes from the beautiful pictures. I wish I had something like that from a few of our photo shoots.

    I know what SF did yesterday was awesome! My cousin works right there and posted pictures.

    Are you just loving Parenthood?

  10. Love love love the photoshoot video!!!!!

  11. I can't wait to see how awesome those photos turn out! The session looked like so much fun!

  12. I'm actually obsessed with the idea of videos taken during a photoshoot....I just can't fathom switching back and forth. I watched a photographer do it recently (much less footage) and it was gooorgeous. I'll have to share the link with you. So fun!

  13. Love, love, love the video! Fun to see your family in action. And love how you always have a perfect smile on your face - even if the kids are running around. I do that, too! Cuz no matter what, I want to make sure I look good when the photographer is snapping the pictures.

    My husband and I got back from Napa last Sunday! LOVED it. I took a couple of your recommendations from the blog and visited Cakebread, Louis M. Martini, and Dean & DeLuca. :)

  14. Oh man, that video...totally made me tear up! Such a sweet family, we will do anything to get our kids to laugh! We just have one little one so far (6 months) but I am definitely looking forward to the day when we have more, God willing! Made my day. :)

  15. You have such a beautiful family!!! It looks like ya'll have a great photographer, too!!!

  16. Oh my gosh, that video from your photoshoot is SOOO precious. Love it!

  17. my little one is getting her eye teeth as well and no one in our house is sleeping...I feel your pain!

  18. She did a great job on the video. Looks like you will some great shots!

  19. omg, he does look so grown up!!! so precious.

  20. Such a cute video!!
    And so funny--I just signed up on Monday to start selling Rodan + Fields! I am so excited and already blown away by all the support! Best of luck!!

  21. That video is the sweetest thing ever! Pictures are always a great way to capture a moment in time....but a video of your photo shoot?!! That girl is genius! She could market this, now I want someone to come along and take a video of our upcoming photo shoot! Haha!



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