Jack Jack's Incredible 1st Birthday

I've been meaning to post about my nephew Jack's 1st birthday party 
that  helped my sister with.

She decided to do an Incredibles theme because her son Jack, is often called Jack Jack, just like the movie!

Here is the invite that I made (I changed the Incredibles i into a j)
{Invite available HERE}

I love making these 12 photo invites. I made the same style for Luke's 1st Birthday, Claire's 1st Birthday & Kate's 1st Birthday!

My sister had planned on having Jack's 1st birthday at a local park. 
But, then the morning of the party, it started dumping rain.
Of course it was the only time it rained this Fall. 
My sister wasn't sure what to do, so Kevin and I offered to have the party at our house.
I had the yellow lanterns up still and then just added the red ones I had from Luke's Nautical Party.
(It was the weekend after Claire's Tangled Party and I still had all the yellow streamers up throughout our house, so that worked out well!)

 Dessert Table:
I made a photo banner & a Jack Jack Banner:
One of their friends works at Pixar, so they got the movie poster. Isn't it awesome?
 I made some cupcake toppers:
The food table:

The rain stopped just in time for Jack to have his cake outside :)
Time for cake!
 He was not a fan of the cake. He would only take 1 bite.

 Happy 1st Birthday, Jack Jack! 
We had so much fun at your party!
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