An Ode to October.

Oh, October.
How I love thee.
You have always been my favorite month.
October 1st is one of my favorite days of the year because to me, that means Fall is really here.
I know the first official day of Fall is September 22nd, but to me, it is October 1st
(probably because in California, we can still get temperatures in the 90s at the end of September)
But, October?
I saw this image the other day & I screamed "YES!!!"

{found via google images}

 October is the gateway to the holiday season.
Once October arrives, that means it will soon be Halloween, then Thanksgiving & then Christmas.

My heart sings a little song once October arrives.
The color orange makes me happy.
Leaves changing colors.
  The rustle of fallen leaves underfoot.  
Crisp, cool weather.  
The smell of wood burning in the fireplace. 
Cozy sweaters and boots.
The smell of the Fall air. 
{print by Katie Daisy}

Is there anything better than Fall?
It is surprising that I am born & raised in California. 
I am not your typical California girl.
Sure, I love the pool, the sunshine, the beach & the summer months.....but Fall.
Oh, Fall. How I love thee.
We barely get Fall colors here.
I really should live in New England.
On my bucket list is to travel to New England in October to see all the Fall leaves & foliage.
So, every October 1st, it is like a holiday around here.
That is the day I bust out my Fall decor....not a day earlier....you know I am OCD about these things....holidays must be celebrated in order & not too much ahead of time. Yes, I have issues ;)
Our front porch:
 This pumpkin was grown in our garden. Last year we got 10 pumpkins in our garden, this year, only 1 (But we did get tons of watermelons)
Can you have too many pumpkins on your front porch?
 I don't think so!
I have my pumpkins & gourds in the house also:

 Fall is also my favorite for the food. I buy as many pumpkin flavored items as I can.

 Every October, I put out my glass pumpkin & fill it with goodies.
 Candy corn, pumpkins, peanuts & reeces pieces are in the pumpkin this year. YUM.

Fall means HONEY CRISP Apples!!!! (Which you should use to make these)

I love planting new flowers in my yard for the fall. Mums & Pansies. Love.
 The leaves are slooooowly starting to change. I see yellow & orange at the top of the trees. Also, Pumpkin Ale? LOVE it.
 October also means canned pumpkin. And, pumpkin candles.

I hoard it because of Pumpkin Bread. I make a batch every week.

I promise this is the best Pumpkin Bread you will ever have. Recipe {here}
Luke's first time eating pumpkin bread. He approves!
Hope you are all enjoying your first few days of the BEST MONTH EVER!
Here's to you, October!


  1. What type of pumpkin did you grow? We grew Cinderella pumpkins this year and we got 7! I recommend them to grow they are so pretty!

  2. I should have been born in New England too...

    I love this post about October! Your home looks beautiful and festive, the food looks yummy, everything looks cozy. Love, love, love!

  3. This post makes me want to go back to the store and buy more pumpkin foods! I love FAll and all the colors it brings to the home and smells of the candles I burn constantly!!

  4. I LOVE the fall as well! We just moved into a new home last week and I am still on the hunt for all of my fall decorations...I need to find the soon. Where did you find the pumpkins on the vines in your white vase? I remember seeing them someplace last year but can not remember.
    I made your pumpkin bread last year and it is wonderful!

  5. Oh my goodness this post is perfect!! I love everything about it. I need to go pick up some candy corn, peanuts, and m&ms to make my favorite fall snack ASAP!!


  6. I love all your pumpkins on display!!
    Pumpkin bread is already in the oven right now at my house, since reading the recipe this morning :) Can't wait to try it!

  7. PUMPKIN BAGELS?! I want pumpkin everything!

    P.S. Seeing this picture of Luke makes me miss #TheDailyLuke! He's so grown up!

  8. Maybe we could do a house swap some year for a week around Columbus Day. It truly is amazing here in CT (and ANYwhere in New England is an easy drive) but its truly amazing where you are, too.

    Your house is decorated beautifully!

  9. I just tried some AMAZING pumpkin scones--homemade but very simple. Glad to pass on the recipe to a fellow pumpkin lover!

  10. great post! I love your pumpkins in the cake dome...currently mine is filled with pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, but small, real pumpkins might be a better option for my waistline!

  11. Oh my goodness! Your cake stand is to die for, where did you find it?

  12. I have that same pumpkin candy jar- LOVE! Yay for October and orange and hoarding pumpkin! It's the BEST time of the year!

  13. I used to live in Napa, one of the most beautiful places to be in Fall. Who needs New England when the vines are turning colors?? I live in Colorado now and the colors here are spectacular but they don't last very long. :)

  14. Same questions as above ~ where did you get the beautiful cake dome and the adorable pumpkin vines in your white vase? Love them both!!

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