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October 27, 1911
The day my amazing Grandma was born.
102 years ago.
Today, my amazing Grammy turned 102.
102 years old. 
I can't believe it. 
She still lives in her house by herself....at 102 years old!!!
(My aunt lives a few blocks away and checks in on her each day & does her grocery shopping for her) but for 102, Grammy is still pretty self sufficient for her age.....can still walk,  get herself dressed & fixes herself meals.
But, her vision is decreasing, her hearing is declining and her memory is starting to fade.
All of this is understandable, considering she is 102.
We headed to Grammy's yesterday for a Family Birthday Party.
It was so great to see all my cousins on my mom's side and all their kids. 
Grammy's favorite color is pink (just like me) so, there was lots of pink at her party.
 Grammy & my Mom (her daughter):
Me & Grammy:
My mom, my sisters & I and Grammy:

 So thankful Grammy has gotten to meet my 3 kids.

I made my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes (recipe here) with pink frosting, of course:
 Singing Happy Birthday:
Everyone always asks Grammy her advice for living so long & for being in such good health (physically and mentally....her memory is still sharp!!)
Here is her list of advice:
1. Surround yourself with your family and people you love.
2. Drink Coffee every morning.
3. Have a Happy Hour cocktail everyday (Grammy's preference is a Cranberry Vodka)
4. Stay away from hospitals & doctors.
5. Be positive.

I am not going to lie, this was a very emotional visit with Grammy.
The last time I saw her was this Spring and her memory has really taken a down turn since I last saw her. Grammy's memory has always been REALLY sharp, but not as much anymore. 
She would sometimes forget who was talking to her and I had to remind her of my kids names a few times. It was not like this a few months ago.
It was really, really, really hard for me to see that yesterday.  
It it totally understandable, I mean she is 102 and of course her memory is going to fade, but it was just hard to see that happening.
I gave her a big birthday hug as we left. 
She told me how much she loved me and that I need to come back and visit soon.
Grammy has lived a really incredible life. 
I am so lucky to have a Grandma like her.
She is one of the most inspirational women I know.

Happy, Happy, Happy 102nd Birthday Grammy!


  1. Was waiting for this Grammy post! My all time annual favorite post of yours! Makes me so emotional as I remember my grandmothers, especially my Nonni who died a few years ago. It is definitely hard to see health declining in someone you love...Grammy is a rockstar! xoxo

  2. I love your Grammy posts. I was blessed with three Grandmothers. Long story why I have an extra but God knew I needed her.

    Grandma and Granny are gone but Mamaw is left. My Grandma had a stroke and left us for heaven in 2004 at age 86. Granny left us for heaven in 2011 (breast cancer) and my Mamaw is still here but due to alzheimer's she is very different. She can only say a few words but is always smiling. She and my papaw have had a rough year health wise. But are on the mend. they've been married for nearly 60 years now.

    Happy birthday to your Grammy!

  3. So special! This totally just choked me up...what a reminder to cherish and celebrate the ones we love, and not to take our time with them for granted. It's been painful for me to watch my Grammie (my very last grandparent) slowly decline these past few years, so I can certainly relate. Life can be so hard but so beautiful, so challenging but so rewarding, all at the same time. But I don't ever want to take it for granted! Hope you all have a great week! =)

  4. What a sweet post! I know that had to be tough to see such a difference in her. Wow, what a life. Love her advice! I couldn't believe how much you and your sisters resemble your mom! Pretty pretty ladies. :)

  5. This is just so neat!! I love her advice for living a long and healthy life! I must add cranberry and vodka to my grocery list now! :) Such a beautiful family.

  6. Wow, your grammy is incredible. I love her advice :) I think at any age, it would be difficult to see a grandmother different than before. You have a beautiful family and it's even more beautiful that you cherish it.

  7. I love that she has a favorite cocktail! What a great lady to have in your family.

  8. This post just sucked me in this am.... So, much heart and life... What a sweet strong lady.... and her list is just --well awesome words to live by.. Thanks for sharing....

  9. Sometimes I can't remember my own children's names either...and I am 43. Whats my excuse???

    Such LOVE in these pictures Mel.
    This, right here...it is what it is all about.
    the only thing that at the end of the day that matters.
    Continue to cherish those sisters and brothers along the road....

    thanks for sharing the love
    exactly what this world needs more of...
    to VALUE the family and to love one another

  10. Such beautiful memories were made yesterday! I lost my grandmother last year at 93 and she was still sharp as a whip. Grandmothers are so special. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.
    Love her advice of living long....

  11. I think this is my favorite of your yearly posts. I hope you get to write this post many more times!

  12. That is so sweet. You have a beautiful family!

  13. That is so incredible! How lucky for you (and your mama!) to have your grammy still around!

  14. How awesome is that!!! I pray she has the best year of her whole life this year!

  15. This post made me smile. How lucky you are to have your Grammy with you still. She is fabulous!
    It's amazing that she lives on her own and prepares her own meals. Truly an insipiration. I would like to suggest that sometime you "interview" her. I'm sure there are many of your readers that would like to know more of her secrets. I would especially like to know her eating and exercise habits over the years.

  16. Wow. Just wow. That generation is something else (my grandma was so similar and I think about her daily when I look at my wedding ring which was hers). And....can we take a minute here??!? LUKE!!! Just getting cuter and cuter. Gah!



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