12 Months of Luke

Every month since Luke was born, on the 9th of each month, I would take a photo of him on his chair with his L pillow.

Here is a compilation of Luke during the past year on his chair!

1 month:
 2 months:
 3 months:
4 months:
5 months:
6 months:
7 months: 
8 months:
 9 months:
 10 months:
 11 months:
 12 months:
  He did not like sitting still for these pics. Here is what most of them looked like. Luke trying to escape.
He is a busy boy!
And, haircut this week. He has been called Justin Bieber 3 times in the past few days.

Do you take monthly pics of your babies during their first year?
{I did the same thing with Claire, click here to see, but not with Kate. Sorry, Kate}

Here are Luke's 1 year stats:
Weight: 21 lbs 11 oz (50th %)
Height:  31 inches (75th %)

Clothes 9-12 months
Diapers: Size 4, but when this package is gone, he is moving up to size 5 (which is funny because the girls were so tiny that the biggest size they got to was size 4 at age 2 & then were potty trained)

Awesome sleeper, 12 hours a night & 2 solid naps a day. 

Has 12 teeth!!! 4 top, 4 bottom & all 4 molars are totally in. Crazy.

Took his first steps on July 29, and can walk across the room, but still prefers to crawl since it is faster for him.

Luke is totally weaned & drinking cows milk from a sippy cup.
We made it a year!
 I loved nursing my kids and I proud that I nursed them all for a year and that none of them ever had a drop of formula (yay for saving $$$), BUT, I am SO glad I am done and I am thankful to never see a breast pump again, clean a bottle or be bitten :)
I will look back on nursing my babies with fondness. I am thankful they were all very good nursers & so thankful I had a great supply with all of them. BUT, at the same time I am soooooo happy to be done with that stage of my life. Can I get an Amen?

And, of course, the comparison pic:
In my opinion, Luke is still a combo of both girls.

Still can't believe my baby is ONE!
Thanks for all your sweet comments on his 1 year letter. Sorry I made some of you cry :)

Speaking of birthdays.....it's my friend Sheaffer's Blog Birthday this week! 
Click HERE to check it out!

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Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


  1. He is SO adorable and growing so fast!!! Love following along :)

  2. I think 7 months was his big turning point from infant to curious little boy. What a cutie pie! I love looking back at your sweet Luke!

  3. I missed months 8 and 9 with my stickers, I've got to get 10 in before it's 11! Geez, 12 teeth? That's crazy! And, I'm still shoving Liam into 4s and Erik just went to Costco AND bought more AND I opened the box-whoops! Luke is definitely a combo of both girls!

  4. Awh he's such a cutie, I love the picture of all three of them they have the same hair lol

  5. Isn't it amazing how much one little person can change our lives. He is adorable and I am so happy that God gifted him to you :)


  6. Happy First Birthday to your little guy! The first year goes by so quickly. It's such a fun year, even with the lack of sleep. Although Luke sounds like such a great sleeper! What a blessing!
    Reading your letter to him definitely made me get teary-eyed. He sounds like the perfect addition to your family and such a wonderful gift from God.
    I read his birth story (I am a SAP for birth stories!) and I kept thinking, "well geez, I think we have the same Doctor!". And sure enough, we do! Haha. Isn't he great?? And the whole staff just amazes me. They are a blessing to our (extended) community. People ask me why I didn't deliver at San Ramon Regional, but if they knew Dr. W I do believe they would stop asking. :)

  7. WOW! The difference between 5 months and 7 months is INSANE!!

  8. so cute! he seriously is the perfect blend of your two girls!

  9. I agree with Shay. Age 6 to 7 mons was a huge difference in his cutie self!



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