For the first 365 days of Luke's life I took an Instagram photo a day and called it #thedailyluke
I got the idea from Drew B, when she took a photo of her daughter Kennedy everyday in the year 2012. I thought it was such a cool project and was inspired to do it everyday of Luke's first year of life!

Day #1
Days 2 through 364:
Day 365:
This was SUCH a fun project.
It was so fun taking a photo of Luke each day & seeing him grow.
I have loved looking back on all these photos and I know I will continue to look back on them.
Thank you for all of you who encouraged me each day with #thedailyluke
I can't believe I didn't miss a day!
Having a iphone makes it so easy to do this and I am too OCD to miss a day ;)

I think I am going to print each photo and make a little book out of it. 
Has anyone done a 365 project like this? 
What did you do with all 365 photos?
I would love to hear your ideas!


And, as a reminder....my 5 year blogoversary giveaway ends tonight at midnight!
I will pick the winners this weekend! 
Enter {here} if you haven't done so already!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. I did this for my daughter's first year and it was exhausting, if I ever have another I do not think I'll do it again. I just tagged all my pictures on my personal website/photo-album with "picture-a-day" so that I can see them individually and I'm considering doing a shutterfly album too but I'm not sure yet...and my daughter is nearly 2 1/2....so I haven't done anything with them really!

  2. I have loved following along on IG this past year and we totally had similar 1st birthdays for our little guys. Love the theme! :)

  3. So fun to look through all of these. I might have to do this for baby #2!

  4. How fun! It is neat to see him change through the year....what a cutie!

  5. I loved watching Luke grow up in pictures just now! Its crazy how time flies!

  6. I loved your Daily Luke pics on IG! Such a fun idea to document your sweet boy!!

  7. I'm having a baby in March and definitely want to do this! I loved following a long this year. And what a great idea to put it into a little book!

  8. You should be soooo proud! Quite a commitment from you and SO worth it! Good gravy he is CUTE!

  9. Adorable!!! I'd love you to teach us how you get the collages onto your blog.

  10. Do you have a public Instagram where we can follow you? I would love to if so!

  11. LOVE this idea! I may just have to steal it one day. :) Love how you posted the collage too- how did you get them to show up like that with three in each row?!



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