We Love the Fair!

Last week the kids & I headed to the County Fair with my sister & Jack. 
I look forward to the Fair every year (and so do the girls!)
I love all the sights, sounds & smells.
And, it's so fun to photograph. 
Here is our day in photos:
 Trash cans disguised as Clowns:

 We checked out the petting zoo...my girls love animals as much as I do......they were VERY reluctant to go in there.....
We lasted about 2 minutes in there. Ha!

 Then we had to wash up at the Sudsy Barn.
Me & my girls....smiling because we were brave & survived the petting zoo :)
 Our favorite thing at the fair....The PIG RACES!
 In heat #1....bringing up the rear...the pig named Sourdough JACK!
 And, in the 2nd heat...in the lead, a pig named Luke Sky-porker.
 The girls (and my sister & I) thought it was hysterical there were pigs named Jack & Luke :)

Next up were the rides.....it was $1 ride day!
 Kate wanted to do this ride so bad., but of course it was the only one not for $1...it was $8!!!  No thanks.

  They wanted to go on this "roller coaster"....it looked like no big deal.
I watched from the side... Claire was verrrrrrry nervous the whole time.

 Each time it went by, I yelled to them...."Just hold on & stay seated"

 It had a decent little drop.....and it kept going and going and going around.....4 times.
 Should have gone on with them.....OOPS.

 We always end our day at the fair with a stop at the Dairy for a treat!
 Our time at the 2013 Fair is in the books!
It is one of my very favorite summer time traditions!
Do you go to the Fair?


  1. We go to the fair every October in Texas! The kids even get a day off from school and a fair ticket to celebrate! We love, love, love the fair!

  2. My girls would be freaking out in the petting zoo right with yours! Can't say I blame them, though :)

  3. I love going to county fairs...much more than the state fair. My daughter is not a big fan of the petting zoo area at most places as well. We went to the crawdad festival on Father's Day and their petting zoo was baby chicks and bunnies that was my kind of a petting zoo. :)
    Your ice cream looks wonderful!

  4. How did you know it was $1 Ride Day?! (My In-Law's took the kids and every ride was $8/9! Boo. Love your pics!

  5. I love the fair! Our fair here is not so great but the one back home is awesome. We got to go back home and take the kids last year and they want to go back this year! That ice-cream is to die for!

  6. Great pictures, Mel! Love your outfit!

    Luke Sky-Porker...I can't stop laughing!

  7. We love the fair!! We're going next week because Weird Al is doing a show. My Husband and my Brother are a little TOO excited for that! Ha! I think we have such a great fair! It's such a treat each summer! Especially when they have little newborn baby animals in that area next to the petting zoo!!

  8. I can't remember the last time I went to the fair, but you just sold me with the pig races! So awesome! I love anything related to pigs and I need to see if we have that here in Detroit!

    One a side note, my very first roller coaster was at one of those fairs and my parents have a picture of me bawling my eyes out on it because I went by myself. I'm so glad your kiddos didn't have that reaction.

  9. I hear ya about the $8 ball thing! One year my son just HAD to ride the elephant...and he wanted me to do it with him. $14 and 45 seconds later it was over. He was on "ride hiatus" the rest of the day and could only choose 1 more. It's easy to spend just as much at the fair as at Disney!

  10. SO fun!!! Love all the pictures! We have a fair that we like to take our nephews to in the Fall. It's always a fun day! Your pics are fantastic! And your guest post is up! :) Thanks for sharing all about party planning! It is perfect!


  11. LOVE your pictures of the fair. :) Can't wait! The State Fair starts next week! :)



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