Oh, What A Weekend

This past weekend was jam packed full of fun. 
I am still recovering from it. So tired. But, so much fun. 
The last day of school was Thursday, so the celebrations started on Thursday night.
We biked to one of our favorite Mexican restraunts for dinner & margaritas.
Friday was Teacher Work Day.
Every year, my school has a breakfast that Friday at someone's house. 
This year, the breakfast was at my house. 
It sure was a crazy way to start my weekend...hosting over 65 teachers for breakfast. 
After the breakfast, I headed back to school to finish up my grades & cleaning up my classroom. 
Then, it was off to Napa for the Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner for the wedding of Brittany, who was one of my youth group girls 10 years ago.
 I LOVE Napa. Love, love, love,
 So much fun at the Dinner & such a beautiful night.
(My dress here)
 The next evening was the wedding. This is the wedding that I needed a long fancy dress for, since it was a black tie wedding.
THIS is the dress I ended up getting for the wedding. I LOVED it. So comfortable.
Classic. And, long enough for me! #tallgirlproblems
I said my verse & a few words at the ceremony & totally got teary. I'm so emo.
The wedding was absolutely GORGEOUS!


 The wedding was at Domaine Chandon (champange!) So, they sawed off the top of a bottle of champange with a sword!
 So cool!
 It was such an elegant wedding.
 Most delicious wedding cake I have EVER had.
 The gorgeous bride & I

 Gotta love the photo booth:
We shut down the wedding at midnight & guess what was waiting for everyone in the parking lot?
 So excited. I love ice cream.
 Oh, and that cookbook I am holding? That was our wedding favor. I KNOW. Crazy.
 The bride & groom:
 This was our first night away from all 3 kids. My first time leaving Luke overnight! 
The bed & breakfast we stayed in had the most comfortable sheets EVER.  Kevin spotted this sign as we were about to check out.
 We could order sheets!!!! And, I totally did. They arrived today. You have no idea how happy I am.
 We headed back to our house Sunday afternoon....So long, Napa.
We were hosting my family for Father's Day!
Didn't have time to make a cake, good thing Costco had this 7 layer chocolate cake.
 Three amazing Father's:

 It was a weekend to remember.
Thankful we have no plans this weekend....I am still recovering!
So tiring, but worth it. So much fun!


  1. I want to have your weekend! Or just maybe one part of it...it all looked so fabulous!

  2. What an amazing and beautiful wedding!

  3. oh my goodness, your dress (and YOU in it!) were gorgeous!! :) I'm so glad you had a great weekend!

  4. What an amazing wedding! The location,favors, details are all perfect. What was the name of the bed and breakfast you stayed at? I am going to have to add that to my travel list!

  5. Wow what a fun weekend and that wedding is amazing! You are always having so much fun!
    Love to cute pink bike...

  6. Ooh! I need new sheets! Erik hates ours! Did you stay at the Yountville Inn? Finding out from you and calling!

  7. Oops, nevermind, Bel Abri, I see!

  8. What a busy weekend but looks like so much fun! The wedding looks amazing
    Now rest up friend!

  9. I was in Napa last weekend too! It was beautiful! We are so blessed to have it practically in our backyards!! Beautiful wedding and you and Kevin looked phenom! And I also foresee many Iron Horse bike rides to that same spot!! Summers in this town are MY FAVORITE! ❤

  10. crazy but fun-filled weekend for sure! that wedding looks AMAZING!!!!

  11. You and Kevin look wonderful!!!!

  12. I need those sheets ASAP!

  13. Is there a website we can order those sheets from?

  14. I actually enjoyed reading through in this posting. Well done my friend well done.

  15. You looked beautiful! And ditto about the sheets - is there a website to order from?

  16. The Napa wedding was gorgeous, and your black dress looked amazing!

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