Snapshots from the First Week of Summer

Our first week of summer was a fun one. 
Here are some snapshots.
Monday morning I had the girls "Summer Presents" waiting for them on the kitchen table.
 Every summer, I always buy them some fun things (mostly from the Target dollar bin) as a way to say "Happy Summer Vacation"
This year I got them each a box of their favorite cereal (we don't let them eat sugar cereal, so this is a fun treat)
I like to get them things they can play with outside, like water balloons, etc.
 I do a Summer Gift like this every year (Working Mom Guilt)
The first week of summer I always make homemade strawberry jam with my mother in law.
 We make a year supply (for each of us) and some jars to giveaway as gifts.
This year we made over 40 jars!!!! The jam is SO good.
 We also had our babysitter's graduation party. She is going to TCU this Fall. We are going to miss her so much. Her mom babysat me & my sisters,  I babysat her & her siblings and now she is our babysitter.  And, her dad was one of the pastor's that married us. So excited for her new adventure. I loved college!

 Our garden is growing....lots of green tomatoes!

 Thursday I hosted the 2nd Annual Pioneer Woman Potluck Party (more on that this week!)
Lots of ice cream cones & swimming.
And, I got to continue my addiction to Candy Crush. It took me almost a week to get past level 65. Now I am stuck on 70.

Not documented was the amount of time we all spent in our pj's.
It was a great first week of Summer!


  1. Looks like an awesome start to Summer!

  2. Looks like you are off that a good start. I just love the carefree days that come with summer vacation.
    I always have some fun gifts waiting for my kids when they come home from school on their last day. It always ,Ames they day even more exciting.

  3. Thanks for sharing the jam recipe... You have such a sweet family.... Any good summer reads to suggest? Really enjoy your blog... Have a awesome summer!

  4. Summer is so fun. I may melt in our first Texas summer, but it is still fun! Level 65 in Candy Crush was miserable - I finally just beat it yesterday at my daughter's gymnastics class... I may have let out a shout of joy... embarrassing ;)

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  6. i LOVE this idea for the beginning of summer! such a fun idea!

    & seriously, Candy Crush is horrible, 65 took me FOREVER!!!

  7. I've been stuck on level 65 for about a week now too! Ugh, so frustrating!!!

  8. The Summer fun stuff is such a cute idea. Can't wait to do that. :)



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