Thanks A Latte {Free Printable}

I know most of you are already on Summer Break (2 more days for us!!!)
But, I thought I would share what I did for the girls teachers for their End of the Year Gift.
Here is what you need:
- Mugs (I got these inital ones from Anthro....which also came with boxes!)
- Gift card to your favorite coffee shop
- Shredded paper (coffee color)
- Bakers Twine
- Scisccors
- Hole Punch
- Thanks a Latte for a Great Year Printable (Download at the bottom of the post)

You could get any mug you want, but I just LOVE these ones from Anthro.

Claire had 3 main teachers & Kate has her teacher (and speech teacher) so this is a great gift that doesn't cost too much, especially if you have multiple teachers to give gifts to!
Fill each mug with shredded paper (to look like coffee....get it?!?)
Add the coffee gift card:
Anthro gives you boxes when you buy the mugs, so I just stuck it inside the box:
Tied some Bakers Twine around it:
Punched a hole in the printable & tied a bow:
Here is the Printable for YOU to use!

I made 2 versions, one that says Thanks a Latte For All You Do:
{Click to download. Right click & then Save.}

 And, one that says Thanks a Latte for a Great Year

{Click to download. Right click & then Save.}

These can be used for Teacher Appreciation Week,  End of the School Year or Just Because!
It can be given to anyone you are thankful for (not just teachers!)

Hope this is useful for you! 


  1. LOVE these! As a teacher myself, I love seeing the gifts you give. They're always something a teacher would actually be super excited to get, if ya know what I mean! ;)

  2. Cute! As a teacher, I've received quite a few mugs but they always seem to be something random or cheap looking. I have yet to receive a mug I like but I would LOVE an Anthro initial mug! The Starbucks gift card is always a nice treat, too! Love it! :)

  3. Adorable! Love the Anthro mugs and cute tag! Such a great idea!!

  4. Love the Anthro mugs. I found a tutorial on Pinterest on making them yourself and my MOPS group is planning to make them this fall. Such a cute idea for an end of the year gift.

  5. Thank you!




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