Luke: 6 Months Old

A half a year old.
Luke is now closer to being a 1 year old than a newborn.
I can't even handle it.
Cue tears.
 Still the happiest baby EVER.
Here are Luke's 6 month stats:
Weight: 16 lbs 12 oz (50th %)
Height: 27.5 inches (75th %)
Clothing: 6 months (a few 3-6 months still fit)
Diapers: Size 3
Sleeping:  8-10 hours a night!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, JESUS!!!!
Tricks: Sits up on his own like a big boy! Loves to roll & get up on all fours.
Teeth: 2 bottom teeth
We had Luke's 6 month check up this week and everything is going well EXCEPT he has dropped 3 ounces from 5 months, and he is only up 9 ounces total since 4 months old. 
So, just like the girls, I have to bring him in for a weight check next month.
 I didn't think I would have this "problem" with him since he has been such a good weight gainer. 
(The girls were REALLY slow weight gainers & didn't double their birth weight until 1 year old)
My doctor isn't really worried (and neither am I ) but we still have to do a weight check....just in case.
I am not worried because this is what happens to me at 6 months post partum...I still make TONS of milk, it is just non-fat breast milk. Same thing happened with the girls.
 And, Luke hasn't even gotten any baby food yet. I know.
I had full intentions on giving it to him a week ago, but then he was sick & then I was sick and it just hasn't happened yet. Tomorrow will be the day. And, I am kinda being sentimental about it.
When you give a baby food, it is like the beginning of the end. The end of being a little baby. Closer to being a big boy. (Yes, I have issues)
 In honor of being 6 months, we had a little photoshoot in the backyard today.
Since he is normally in pajamas, I thought it might be nice to get some photos of him in real clothes.
 Love my little man.
He wants to crawl...he gets up & rocks back and forth. I say...NO rush! Kate was crawling by 6 months...that was not fun. Hoping he is like Claire and doesn't crawl until 7 months old (or later!)
 He loves sitting up on his own. So proud of himself.
 And, just like that after 3 minutes, Luke had enough of the "photoshoot".
"A shirt & tie? Are you kidding me? Get me outta these clothes....I just want my pajamas back on!!!!"
 And, because everyone loves comparison pics....
Each day I change my mind about who he looks like...last month was a mix, today, he is a mini-Claire.
Happy Half  Birthday, Luke.
I can't imagine our lives without you. The past 6 months have been the best.  
So glad you completed our family!


  1. So darn cute! It's the BEST isn't it? These boys of ours! You got me a little sad thinking about the food thing...and no, still not yet on Erik...yes, he better get with the program, Kieran was just praying to Jesus for a 5th baby today!!! We will probably be going for food before 6 months with this one because he'll likely be ready. Crazy Liam has almost 3 lbs on Luke! He has so many different "looks", too! Chair pics I thought Kate, crying pic and laying down, I thought Claire!

  2. They are all adorable! great pictures.

  3. SO Stinkin' Cute!!! Love the shirt and tie!

  4. Cute kids!! Can I ask what program you use to write on their pictures?

  5. He is the cutest boy! Can't get enough of those chubby cheeks.

  6. I want to cry, I can't believe he is already 6 months?! SOOO darn cute!

  7. He is TOO cute!! Love his little grin!! And i don't think you're crazy being so sentimental about each milestone ~ i've totally been that way with my little guy! and it seems like the more i want him to slow down a little, the faster he tries to grow up!!

  8. He is the sweetest little guy!! I love all of his expressions:) Visiting from the Mixer.

  9. He's truly beautiful!!
    I love his little wardrobe! ;)

  10. New follower and commenter from http://fluffimama.blogspot.com/

  11. Isn't he just the cutest! Looks like a future Kuk to us! We're loving following along. Thanks for sharing!

    -Kanakuk Kamps

  12. He is just the sweetest little man. Happy six months baby boy!

  13. SOOO cute!! Love it! I love his little tie onesie!

  14. He is absolutely adorable!!! Thanks for linking up to the mommy brain mixer!



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